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There are a number of luxury spas in the Palm Beaches that offer a fantastic form of "healthy" relaxation.

New York University Professor of Psychiatry, Virginia Sadock, MD. stated that "Going to a spa is a way of getting taken care of that is psychologically and culturally acceptable and we can carry that feeling of being cared for with us for a period of time, and very often that can help us cope better with stress." A key element in helping one relax is being touched. Most spa treatments involve touch.  "Physical contact is necessary to our well-being, and even if the touching is from a stranger, if that stranger is a professional there to pamper you, that touch will have a beneficial effect," says Sadock.

Northern Palm Beach County offers

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Palm Beach County is the third-most populous county in the Sunshine State. It continues to grow with the influx of homeowners wishing to live in a tropical destination in the continental United States.  Palm Beach County was named after one of its oldest settled areas in Florida and was created in 1909, after splitting from Dade County.   It is the wealthiest per-capita county in Florida.

  1. The average annual temperature is 78 degrees and almost 250 days of sunshine yearly.   The American Lung Association’s latest report on national air quality stated that Palm Beach County only averages one day a year of smog!                               
  2. Palm Beach County School District has the eighth highest graduation rate in the United States. It boasts
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The snook are on the move as the water temperatures are escalating.  Inshore anglers can find a lot of Snook activity around dock lights at night.  If you do not have a boat, no problem, check out the base of bridges at night with little jigs and live shrimp.  If you prefer daytime fishing look for snook to be laid up around seawalls, downed trees, mangrove roots and docks.

Snook feed primarily of tiny fish and shrimp.  When the Snook hit the bait, or a lure, they make a distinguishing “thump”.  Once the Snook is hooked, they put up quite the fight.

The cunning inshore gamefish do not have teeth but do have a sharp gill plate you should be careful when handling. The Snook is a “large, Pike-like fish with a protruding lower jaw and a prominent

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Palm Beach County is home to some of the best bike trails in South Florida. Here are a few that you and your family could enjoy riding together this summer.

Lake Trail

This Palm Beach Trail along the Intracoastal offers the perfect scenery of the historic Palm Beach homes and a glimpse of downtown West Palm Beach from across the water. The trail is easy to follow and traffic-free, though some areas of the trail intersect with intersections in residential areas with little traffic. Along the trail, you can stop at the historic section of Worth Avenue and Henry Flagler Museum. Both are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Many shops and restaurants are located nearby to stop for food and drinks. Access to the bike trail is located

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The iconic Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach was founded in 1896 by the industry tycoon Henry M. Flagler. Flagler, one of the great American industrialists started a trend on the island of Palm Beach of elegant properties. Soon after, other industry tycoons and socialites began flocking to the new destination.

Flagler first made his debut on the island with The Royal Poinciana, a six-story hotel on the Intracoastal side of the island. Just two years later, Flagler debuted the premier oceanfront hotel, The Breakers. 

Unfortunately, the hotel had two fires, in 1903 and then again in 1925 and the hotel had to undergo renovations. The second renovations were awarded to New York-based architects and designers, Shultze and Weaver, who would later go on to

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There is no better way to start the day than enjoying breakfast with a beach and ocean view. Here is a list of some of the best local eateries and cafes with an ocean view.


Lazy Loggerhead Café has been serving breakfast and lunch in Jupiter’s Carlin Park since the café opened its doors in 1998. The colorful restaurant features an outdoor patio overlooking the bright blue ocean. The café is open every day from 8 am to 2:30 pm and is located at 6 Van Kessel Parkway in Jupiter. 

Singer Island

Johnny Longboats on Singer Island has been voted the number 1 restaurant in Riviera Beach by Trip Advisor for the last several years. The tropical style restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner from 7 am to 10 pm daily. The popular

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There are several great restaurants in Palm Beach that offer delicious brunch options featuring a mix of breakfast and lunch dishes severing French toast and eggs Benedict to sandwiches and salads. Sunday brunch has now evolved into a nice fun and relaxing time to spend a Sunday with friends and family. 

Here are some of the best spots to grab brunch on Palm Beach.

Chez L’Epicier
Now through April 1st, Chez L’Epicier features a “Sugar Shack” themed Sunday brunch, every Sunday. The theme is inspired by the executive chef’s native country of Canada, where every March the sap from sugar maple trees is tapped and results in many maples inspired dishes and feasts open to the public. The brunch is severed family-style and is $45 dollars per person. The

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Fishing is a popular activity in South Florida. From fishing off the Juno Beach Pier to fishing along the shores of the Jupiter Inlet, inshore and offshore fishing is always a fun choice when living near the water and fun activity for the whole family. Fishing Charters are great service for those wanting to get out and enjoy the water and fish for some of the local fish swimming in the area. The charters can be rented for private use for you and your group to enjoy or the normal everyday use.

Charters are offered by local boat owners or charter companies that focus on providing you with some of the best fishing in the area. These services are very popular among avid fishing anglers and fisherman.

Charters boats go out several miles in the ocean

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The DuBois Pioneer Home located in Dubois Park in Jupiter is one of the last remaining historic homesteads of its type in northern Palm Beach County. The historic Jupiter landmark closed in 2008 and underwent extensive renovations and is opened to the public for tours to learn about Jupiter’s history and the DuBois family. 

The home was built in 1898 by Harry DuBois, the son of Harry and Susan DuBois and Charlie Carlin, the oldest son of Captain Charles Carlin of the Jupiter Inlet Lifesaving Station. The home belonged to South Florida pioneers Harry and Susan DuBois and is a perfect example of the self-sufficient South Florida homestead with both archeological and historic value.

The “house on the hill” was built on top of the Native American shell

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Here are three great places (besides Starbucks) to get a great cup of coffee in Jupiter and Tequesta.

Perk Coffee House

Perk Coffee House; 384 Tequesta Drive, Tequesta www.perkcoffeetequesta.com  

A little gem, with a rustic design, Perk Coffee House is tucked away in the Gallery Square South of Tequesta. The owners are an LA native couple with three girls that relocated to South Florida with a passion to deliver healthy, wholesome fare. Perk offers breakfast and lunch with intentions to open in the evenings soon. The earlier hours of the day, you can find delicious coffees, nutritional drinks like juices and tonics and amazing eats. Currently, Perk's hours are 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends, but

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