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Only 3 more days until the fun-filled Martin County Fair rolls into town! From February 12-20, 2016 you and your friends and family will be able to run wild through the fair rides and amusements.

Opening night, February 12 there will be free admission for all guests. This year the fair will boast even more rides, games and events then ever before.

Some of the rides you will be able to catch a thrill on include the “Super Shot”, a ride where the vehicle slowly ascends to the top of its tower, once at the top, the vehicle pauses and plummets to the ground, using its fail-safe electromagnetic brakes to safely but scarily return riders to the ground. The “Enterprise” a ride that begins to spin, as the free-swinging vehicles swing out, the ride rises at a 85…
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If you like food and history you must try one of the hit food tours in Delray Beach, Savor Our City™ Culinary Tours. These tours are historical walking food tours that take place in different neighborhoods throughout Delray Beach.

These “walkable” neighborhoods are filled with charming and atmospheric places to stop for the tour guests. Guests of Savor Our City™ Culinary Tours will get to experience the work of the resident artisans, local farmers, amazing restaurant chefs and the best mixologists in town as they share their talents and personal stories through their work. Many of the destinations you will stop at along these walking tours offer dishes with local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients.

“Along with learning about each area’s culinary and…
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The hamburger has been around since the 19th century.  The mouthwatering creation has evolved since its creation and has become known as an iconic American food.   It originated as a hamburger sandwich consisting of ground steak placed between two slices of bread.  It was a brave step in the culinary world since the two ingredients, steak and bread, had been served alongside one another for hundreds of years.

Historians have varied opinions on who is credited with beef and bread roll sandwich. One version of the hamburger sandwich, and how it changed to the burger we all know and love, is in late 1800’s when a Texas café owner, Fletcher Davis, brought his perfected version of the hamburger to the 1904 St. Louis World Fair.

Around the same time

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One of the best features of living in southern Florida is the year round warm weather. Luckily, for us Floridians we often get to walk the beach or surf the waves while the rest of the country is a snow covered, wonderland.

Thanks to a winter storm brewing off of the mid-Atlantic coast, there is an eminent threat of snow to the North East, and to just a crisp night here in Florida. South Florida will continue to be fairly warm and very sunny this week with a cool breeze in the air with temperatures still not beating the season’s record low. 

According the National Weather Service, “the low temperature so far this morning in West Palm Beach was just 44 degrees. While that’s 13 degrees below the normal low for this time of year, it doesn’t beat the 40…
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Did you realize that Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest food consumption day for Americans?  The biggest day for Americans to overindulge is Thanksgiving!  Chicken wings and pizza are favorites, closely followed by potato chips/pretzels. That is enough chips to fill up 39 Boeing 747 airplanes!

More than 1.3 billion wings are expected to be consumed Super Bowl 50, according to the National Chicken Council.  Ranch dressing places blue cheese on the bench according to almost 60% of Americans to dip their wings.  Spectators, either at home, stadium or out and about will spend about $82.00 on food and team décor.

Super Bowl Sunday is also the second biggest day for barbequing/grilling falling second only to Fourth of July. Party hosts will serve

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A couple of years ago a Florida man posted pictures on Facebook of himself and his daughters playing with a baby manatee.  Sounds innocent enough but according to the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act, “it is illegal to molest, harass, disturb or touch a manatee”.  The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission authorities arrested the Florida native.

The man had no idea it was illegal to touch the “vulnerable species”.  The man faced a misdemeanor charge that entails a couple hundred dollars fine and a couple months in jail.  He meant no harm to the little manatee.

The manatee is protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, by the Endangered Species Act of 1978, and the Florida Manatee Sanctuary Act of 1978.  If convicted of

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Image courtesy of Palm Beach Magazine.

The West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority explained that the public installation of “The Swings: An Exercise in Musical Cooperation” will be the first stop on the East Coast installations tour of the United States.  The public swing installation is located on the 500 block of Clematis Street (between Quadrille Boulevard and Rosemary Avenue), West Palm Beach.   It is “an interactive display, which essentially acts as a giant musical instrument.”

The concept was created by the French Canadian design group Daily tous les jours. Originally referred to as “21 Swings” in Montreal, Canada.  The public installation in Montreal averaged 8,500 times per day in four years.

Each swing has a prerecorded

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Prepare to be blown away! Come out today, February 6 to the Jupiter Community Center to see an amazing display of award winning artists create their works of art in chalk onto the street. You will see amazing 3D street paintings and chalk art all over the street at the Jupiter Jubilee at the Jupiter Community Center.

The Jupiter Jubilee will have over 50 spaces dedicated to the artists to make their works of art larger than life. Some of the award-winning artists you will be able to meet include Jennifer Chapparro and Michael Las Casas. “Event-goers are encouraged to bring cameras and jump into the life-sized, interactive scenes to take a photo that looks like you are "in" the action.

Adults and students (8 years old +) in elementary, middle and high school…
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The Friends of Jupiter Beach organization “is a grassroots, volunteer-driven not-for-profit group dedicated to keeping a special section of Jupiter Beach clean & dog-friendly in northern Palm Beach County.” since 2006, the Friends of Jupiter Beach and all of their volunteers have cleaned up over 49,000 lbs. of trash off of our beaches! If you aren’t a part of this organization, join their team and make a difference! 

It all began in 1994 when the beloved dog beach in Jupiter was under threat of being shut down. A small group of passionate, Jupiter locals joined to change this eminent fate. The group started scheduling beach cleanups and started placing dog waste bags at the beach crossovers. Since then, the group has grown exponentially, as individuals…
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The Red Reef Park offers 67 acres of pristine, oceanfront preserve right in the heart of Boca Raton, Florida. The park offers residents and guests a breath of fresh air! There are no high-rises along the Red Reef beaches, so you really feel like you’re back to basics.

Things To Do In Red Reef Park

• Snorkeling: You won’t need a boat to get out to the reefs! Beautiful, tropical reefs are abundant here in Red Reef Park and you can swim to them from the beach! These rock and reef outcroppings are teaming with vibrant reef fish, sea fans, corals, turtles, eels and even dolphins.
• Swimming: Lifeguards are on duty year round at Red Reef from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm so you know you swim safely.
• Fishing: One of the most popular pastimes at the park is surf fishing.

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