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The Jupiter Artisan and Farmers Market, located at Harbourside Place, 150 North U.S. Highway One, Jupiter, hosts the market this Sunday, August 20, 2017 from 10:00 am – 3:00 p.m. A farmer’s market is a physical location featuring foods sold directly by farmers and other vendors to sell directly to consumers. Typically, there are booths, tables or stands and the public.

Fresh food from the local farmers tastes and looks better.  Crops are picked at their peak. Markets like these are an important part of the community.  They offer social, economic and environmental vivacity to the community.  It also a chance to meet others within the Jupiter area.

If you are looking to buy the freshest fruits and veggies, then try locally grown enjoy a stroll

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Florida is known for its beautiful weather and beaches.   South East Florida’s temperatures have been hotter than normal, fueled by a lack of rain, resulting in sun-parched, humid days. A high-pressure system over the Atlantic, combined with Saharan dust drifting more than 4,000 miles from Africa,  is making it feel like 90 degrees by mid morning. Trying to keep cool on these rare days can be a challenge. With higher chances of rain this week expect  some relief from the summer heat.  While waiting for the rains to come, it’s imperative that South Floridian's try to keep cool and hydrated.  It is advisable to keep out of the sun during peak periods, wear sunscreen, hats and protective clothing to avert heat-related complications.  A good

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Loggerhead Marinelife Center and the Gardens Mall, joined together to host an “Shop and Share” event this Saturday, August 19th, 2017 from 11 am to 4 pm.

Located in the center of the mall, Loggerhead Marinelife Center has returned for an interactive family-friendly day that will include sea turtles, science and shopping. This free event is designed to educate visitors on how to conserve the ocean and everything that lives in it.

The event will also feature award presentations for the winner of the Juno Beach Pier Photo Contest and Palm Beach County’s Most Viral Photo Contest. During the event, The Gardens Mall will be donating 5% of the days sales from the receipts logged in at the Information Desk to the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, to help save the sea

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How would you like see a drive through safari park?  Lion Country Safari is a wildlife preserve and walk-through Amusement Park located on over 600 acres in Loxahatchee, Palm Beach County.  The zoo was founded in 1967. Lion Country claims to be the first "cage less zoo" in the United States. 

Bring the entire family and spend the entire day on safari with over 900 animals. Look at the animal displays and encounters or animal feeding experiences.  If you'd like to cool down, venture into the water spray grounds, grab a snack and ice-cold beverage. Then head over to the gift shop and pick up a souvenir of your safari journey. 

Marcella Leone, the founder and director of Leo Zoological Conservation Center in Greenwich, Connecticut, approached the

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Over 10,000 years ago Native American tribes began migrating into Florida. The tribes settling in modern-day Palm Beach  Florida. Juan Ponce de León, who led a European expedition in 1613 discovered Florida. He was the first non-Native American recorded to land modern day Jupiter area.

Jupiter is the northernmost town in Palm Beach County, Florida,  and  a fascinating community.  It has been chiseled by it’s the abounding coastal culture and plentiful waterways.  

Paddleboard  with sea turtles, manatees, dolphins and catch a glimpse of a multitude of birds on any given day.  Kayak or paddle your way through the mangrove estuaries and spot osprey, nesting pelicans, great blue heron, and a variety of other bird species.  Take the opportunity go

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The Lionfish is an attractive and elegant fish but unfortunately it is an invasive species in our South Florida reefs and waters. The lionfish are incredibly destructive to our reef environments as they have no natural predators and plenty of food, resulting in over-population. Lionfish eat miniscule shrimp which is the main diet of our native reef fish including juvenile grouper, snook, mullet, snapper and many other species. Since, the lionfish have no natural predators here and are destroying our native marine life populations, it is up to our divers and approved events that to help govern their population and with any luck eradicate them one day. 

The Lionfish is not native to Floridian waters and it wreaks havoc on the local reef and coastal

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Dining on a dime is part of our DNA, sometimes an inexpensive meal may hit the spot after a long day.  Dining out can cost you a small fortune, but it certainly doesn’t have to. It just takes a little pre-planning, Take a look at a couple of the best"cheap eats" in Palm Beach County for classic grub from pizza to burgers, to deli sandwiches. It’s never better time for budget eating it’s not just fast junk food but a quick balanced dinner option. You can get bargain-hunter great burgers or just a quick hot meal diners and luncheonettes. Here are the year’s best cheap eats Palm Beach County has to offer.

BurgerFi, Harbourside, 147 Soundings Avenue, Jupiter, FL.

BurgerFi is a healthy option people serving only the “finest natural, certified angus

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Lilly Pulitzer and the Loggerhead Marinelife Center have teamed up to release the “Tortuga Time” print to help the sea turtles, through a charitable program called “Print with a Purpose”.

The limited-edition print, “Tortuga Time” was released on August 6th, 2017, and is available online and in Lilly Pulitzer retail locations.  The print was hand painted by members of the Lilly staff in the Palm Beach print studio to make the perfect design. The blue and white print includes sea turtles, sea grass and shell patterns. The print is available in dresses, shirts, and rompers.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center, located in Juno Beach, is a non-profit center that promotes the conservation of the oceans ecosystems and focuses on endangered and threatened sea turtles.

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Every Friday night from 6-9pm the center court at the thriving city center, Downtown at the Gardens offers live concerts known as “Concerts in the Court.” Each Friday, the court comes alive with people gathering to dance along with the tunes. 

“Concerts in The Court” feature different bands each week. Some weeks you can catch a jazz ensemble, some country and others classic rock and everything in between. The variety of music that flows each Friday livens up the center court making the perfect atmosphere to kick off the weekend. The concerts are free for all and can be enjoyed from a multitude of locations. So, bring out your family and friends for dinner and music or just to watch the show. You can stop in Grimaldi’s for a coal fired pizza, or pop

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The Food truck phenomenon has hit Palm Beach County. It seems like there is a rally of food trucks somewhere every day of the week, which is perfect for all the food junkies out there.  Even bringing the community together once a month for the biggest food truck festival of all, in Jupiter’s Abacoa; with more than 40 food trucks participating in the fight for your taste buds. The next Food Truck Invasion in Jupiter is this Friday, August 11th.  Wellington also joins in on the fun and hosts a food truck rally every Thursday at the Wellington Amphitheater.

Food Trucks usually specialize in one style of cuisine to develop a signature dish that makes their truck stand out from the others. Together at these rallies, there is a variety of food choices that

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