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People across South Florida woke up to cooler temperatures today, low to mid 60’s!  The National Weather Service is predicting cooler evening temperatures to last through the middle of the week through Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast.   These temperatures would be a perfect opportunity for you to get a garden project started.

Try to grow an herb garden this time of year. You will not believe the exquisite flavor that one fresh heirloom herb can bring to your kitchen and meals. If you have grown herbs before, or are growing some now, try a new one.  They are easy.  Start from seeds, seedling, or plant.  Put in the ground, flowerbox, or beautiful pots.
Be sure to plant enough to share. Herbs are amongst the easiest plants to grow.  Plant a couple of extra plants if possible.  Get your children or grandchildren involved. Help them plan the garden and plant something just for them. You will be surprised how interested little ones are in a garden.  There is nothing more satisfying and simple than snipping off just what you need and enjoying the garden fresh flavor without having to rush out to the green market.  Suggested "top ten herbs you can't live without": basil, rosemary,thyme, sage, lemon balm, parsley, chives, mint, oregano, and cilantro.

Please keep in the mind the basics of beginning gardening:

First, decide what you want to grow.  A good thing to know, and important to the beginner gardener, is what vegetables/flowers/herbs to plant and where. Check with your local gardening shop.

Second, if you do not have an existing garden, walk around your yard and look for flat ground away from buildings and trees, which gets full sunlight.  It should be easy to water.

Next, prepare the garden soil area by loosening the soil to a depth of 12 to 14 inches. Remove rocks, branches and weeds. Most vegetables/herbs are heavy feeders and require a soil well supplied with plant food and organic matter. Three nutrients used most are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen promotes leaf growth. Phosphorus contributes to root, flower and fruit development.  Potassium promotes stem and root growth. Use a balanced fertilizer with all three nutrients and mix into the soil.

Finally, plant the seeds or plants at the depth and spacing necessary for maximum yield. Before you know it, your garden in the Jupiter or Tequesta area will be growing!  

The weather will continue to be perfect here with lows expected to be in the 70’s!  Come enjoy the sunshine and tropical lifestyle, and if you have any inquires about the properties listed please contact Waterfront Properties and Club Communities main office at

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