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How to Clean a Florida Lobster

Posted by Lacey Hagler on Thursday, September 13th, 2018 at 10:49am.

Whether you’re preparing some lobster for your family, or gifting a few tails to a friendly neighbor, cleaning one is much simpler than cleaning a fish.  Once you’ve got your license, know the regulations, and know how to catch it yourself, here’s how to clean a Florida lobster!

Step 1: Wring the Tail

This is much easier to do if you’ve had the lobster on ice for a bit so they are in a sleep-like state. Here, you’re simply separating the tail from its body. Hold the tail with one hand as close to the carapace as you can with your entire palm, and hold the carapace (upper body and head) in the other hand. Now firmly twist and pull, and the tail should easily separate. The head can be thrown away, as all of the meat of the Florida lobster is in its tail. Save an antenna for the next step.

Step 2: Remove the Waste Track

Break one of the antennae off to use as a tool for this step, and make it small enough to fit into the hole at the bottom of the tail. Stick the antenna in through the hole at the bottom of the tail, twist it a little, then pull it out. The entire waste track should slide out clean with it. Now rinse the tail in salt water, and either freeze it for later or throw it on the grill!

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