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On April 2, 2013 the Town of Jupiter Historic Resources Board dedicated a historical marker at Jupiter Beach Park for the Jupiter Inlet Shipwrecks from 1600-1700’s.  The marker is located near the historic Dubois House and reads:

Jupiter Inlet Shipwrecks 1600-1700’s

During the 17th century, Spanish galleons and merchant ships navigated the treacherous waters off the Florida coast.  These vessels carried silver and gemstones from the mines of Mexico and Peru.  The routinely ran a narrow gauntlet of shallow water, sand bars, coral reef, and occasional hurricanes off the Jupiter Inlet as they followed the Gulf Stream’s swift north current.  The ships that did not survive the passage left a legacy of cannons, anchors, navigational tools, coins, flatware, silver and gold scattered across the ocean floor.  Today this area is nicknamed “The Treasure Coast.”  Ships thought to have wrecked off the Jupiter coast during the 1600’s include the San Miguel Archangel and San Francisco y San Antonio.  Both ships were avisos, Spanish courier ships weighing 60 tons or less.  The avisios were well armed, but speed was their best defense, which allowed them to out run larger better-armed vessels.  Avisos were primarily used to transport correspondence to and from the Spanish throne, but were known to carry goods and valuables.  Shipwrecks like these are important time capsules of history, which increase our understanding of the people who sailed Florida’s waters before us.

                               A FLORIDA HERITAGE LANDMARK

                          SPONSORED BY THE TOWN OF JUPITER

                                  AND THE STATE OF FLORIDA


Visit a “locals” favorite restaurant, SHIPWRECK BAR and GRILLE, 1511 North Old Dixie Highway, Jupiter, which pays homage to the sunken galleons off our coast.  The interior of the restaurant is fashioned after 1600s Spanish vessel with pirates and all.  It is a family friendly restaurant specializing in local and international seafood favorites, as well as traditional American cuisine. Please stop by, enjoy the food, and check out some of the treasure found off Jupiter’s shores.

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