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Modern Succulent Gardening in South Florida

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Friday, July 13th, 2018 at 3:01pm.

South Florida is known for its lush tropical environment. Take your garden design to the opposite side of maintenance.  Reduce watering, fertilizing and consider installing a dry garden? How about a distinctive theme that looks great during all seasons? The climate in Palm Beach County can be thought-provoking when trying to garden.  Maybe you are a “green thumb” gardener or a weekend garden warrior fitting it in when you can, succulents are an easy fit.  

Succulents can survive strong winds, occasionally cold weather, drought, heat and poor soil. Besides having the ability to grow under almost any condition, agaves, yuccas and succulents all give your gardens such a variety of contemporary, architectural shapes. Think of raised gardens that use gravel mulch; of the brilliant red, orange or yellow of aloe flowers; of the variety of blooms of desert rose of the amazing shapes and diversity of succulents and cacti.

Whether your goal is just maintaining a healthy landscape or creating an ever-changing tropical paradise, knowledge is the key. Improper watering is the biggest cause of succulents dying.  These plants have thick, fleshy leaves that hold water and are drought-tolerant.  It is easy to see why succulents are one of the trendiest plant groups today. Their unique shapes, colors, textures and sizes add interest and contemporary interest to the décor of a room. They also look great on their own or paired with other succulents.


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