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It can be extremely warm in the South Florida summer and one must drink plenty to stay hydrated. No, not the frozen umbrella drinks or ice-cold brews, but h2o, good old-fashioned water. It's a simple question without an easy answer. We know that water is essential to good health, yet requirements vary individual to individual. So, how much water is enough?

First thing, your water intake needs depend on many factors, including your health, how active you are and where you live.  To function appropriately, the body must replenish its water supply by ingesting drinks and foods that encompass water. The Mayo Clinic reported, “Every day you lose water through your breath, perspiration, urine and bowel movements. For your body to function properly, you

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Florida is known for its beautiful weather and beaches.   South East Florida’s temperatures have been hotter than normal, fueled by a lack of rain, resulting in sun-parched, humid days. A high-pressure system over the Atlantic, combined with Saharan dust drifting more than 4,000 miles from Africa,  is making it feel like 90 degrees by mid morning. Trying to keep cool on these rare days can be a challenge. With higher chances of rain this week expect  some relief from the summer heat.  While waiting for the rains to come, it’s imperative that South Floridian's try to keep cool and hydrated.  It is advisable to keep out of the sun during peak periods, wear sunscreen, hats and protective clothing to avert heat-related complications.  A good

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Over 10,000 years ago Native American tribes began migrating into Florida. The tribes settling in modern-day Palm Beach  Florida. Juan Ponce de León, who led a European expedition in 1613 discovered Florida. He was the first non-Native American recorded to land modern day Jupiter area.

Jupiter is the northernmost town in Palm Beach County, Florida,  and  a fascinating community.  It has been chiseled by it’s the abounding coastal culture and plentiful waterways.  

Paddleboard  with sea turtles, manatees, dolphins and catch a glimpse of a multitude of birds on any given day.  Kayak or paddle your way through the mangrove estuaries and spot osprey, nesting pelicans, great blue heron, and a variety of other bird species.  Take the opportunity go

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The Lionfish is an attractive and elegant fish but unfortunately it is an invasive species in our South Florida reefs and waters. The lionfish are incredibly destructive to our reef environments as they have no natural predators and plenty of food, resulting in over-population. Lionfish eat miniscule shrimp which is the main diet of our native reef fish including juvenile grouper, snook, mullet, snapper and many other species. Since, the lionfish have no natural predators here and are destroying our native marine life populations, it is up to our divers and approved events that to help govern their population and with any luck eradicate them one day. 

The Lionfish is not native to Floridian waters and it wreaks havoc on the local reef and coastal

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Living in Florida or a frequent visitor, we all feel the pet-owners guilt when we leave behind our beloved animals at home to head to the beach for a day of fun.

With the warm water and the miles of sandy beaches, dog friendly beaches are becoming more popular throughout the area. Just remember to make sure your pet has plenty of water and breaks in the shade from the warm sun. Some breeds even require sunscreen so it’s best to ask your pet’s vet, along with other dog friendly toys and accessories that your pet might need.

The Jupiter Dog Beach is located on Marcinski Road, south of Carlin Park, running parallel to A1A. This 2.5-mile beach area is the only pet friendly beach in Palm Beach County so far, running from beach access number 25 to number

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Image courtesy of Arts Garage.Org.

Arts Garage, 94 NE 2nd Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33444, is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.  It is a renowned multi-media arts venue situated in downtown Delray Beach. Delray is known as a cultural hub for the arts.  Arts Garage proudly presents Grammy award-winning musicians, upcoming artists and musicians, as well as arts education and outreach programs.  Browse through the spacious visual art gallery, which displays emerging local talent. 

Arts Garage has something for everyone!  In the past year, they have hosted Parisian musicians, a Haitian orchestra, an Argentinian folk singer, and other worldwide artists. This year they will be highlighting internationally celebrated performers that have had an

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You have been searching for that perfect oceanfront condominium in the Jupiter, Juno Beach or Singer Island area and now you are picturing yourself on the balcony looking over swaying palms and the gentle breeze off the Atlantic Ocean in your face.  There are a few important questions you need to ask before buying a condominium.  A professional real estate agent with Waterfront Properties and Club Communities condominium specialist can help you get the answers.

Whatever the reason, many individuals appreciate condominium living. You frequently get a spa like pool and fitness center, as well as a security, insuring privacy as well as the opportunity to own a home without having to worry about all the caretaking responsibilities.

First, take a

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The condominiums of The Oceanfront at Juno Beach have perfected beachfront living in Palm Beach County with unobstructed views of the sparkling, blue Atlantic Ocean.  The Town of Juno Beach is delightfully and it had miles of unspoiled beach.  The amazing waterfront condominiums of are four per floor, 4 bedroom, 5 ½ bath, and family room. 

It has been said that living in Oceanfront “feels like living in a private, beach front home, not a condominium”.  The oceanfront homes offer unparalleled privacy. Discerning property owners  appreciate spacious carefully designed floor plans, wrap around balconies, and private elevators.  With only 12 floors, and two residences per floor, Oceanfront at Juno Beach, offers a warm an inviting atmosphere.  Amenities

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John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park was the first underwater park in the United States and the primary attractions of the park are the coral reefs and their associated marine life such as seagrass beds and mangrove swamps. It is a Florida State Park located on Key Largo in Florida and includes approximately 70 nautical square miles of adjacent Atlantic Ocean waters. The park was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. The park has had more than a million visitors, making it the most popular park in the Florida State Parks system. Many enjoy the view of the reef from a glass-bottom boat tour but visitors can also get a look by scuba diving or snorkeling. Canoeing and kayaking through the park's waters are popular activities; fishing

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Years ago, the State of Florida created a short sportsman season to allow recreational divers to catch lobsters before the commercial lobster season begins. Lobster mini season is a highly anticipated event every year. When the official mini season kicks off, the coastal areas of Florida are flooded with lobster hunters trying to get their share of the bounty. The mini season is always the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday in July. This year the mini season falls on July 26th and 27th. It begins at 12:01 am on Wednesday and ends at 12:00 midnight on Thursday. The regular 8 month lobster season is August 6 through March 31.There are several very important things to keep in mind before you go bug hunting. You will need to purchase a Recreational…
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