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Smart Home Devices That'll Increase Your Home's Value

Posted by Amanda Hicks on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018 at 3:21pm.

Many builders are incorporating houses with smart home technologies, as the majority of buyers say they're willing to pay extra to have it, according to research from John Burns Real Estate Consulting.

Of 23,000 people surveyed in the consulting firm's research, 60% said they'd pay more for a home if it was outfitted with a smart thermostat. Even more people said they'd pay for a home with phone-accessible security cameras and smart locks. 

Of the 300 home builders surveyed, more than half say they're incorporating smart home technology into their new construction

Data shows that there's a slight difference among buyers in what type of technology they're looking for; younger buyers would prefer to have a smart thermostat, families will most likely choose a smart garage and in-home functions that are responsive to voice commands, like Google Home or Alexa for example, and older buyers will pay extra to have smart locks on doors. 

For more insight on what John Burns Real Estate Consulting found in smart home technology research, check out this video:

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