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The Norton Museum of Art in West Palm presents Art After Dark for summertime. 

Now through July 12th the museum will be open late on Thursdays for fun events throughout the evening like gallery walk and talks, art workshops, live music, happy hour drinks and special lectures. 

You can see the Thursday night schedules on the Norton website. Here's next Thursday's schedule for an example of what Art After Dark is like:

5:30-6:30 p.m. / Gallery Talks: Highlights of the Museum’s Collection

5:30-6:30 p.m. / Live Music: Public Sounds Collective
An eclectic mix of funk, jazz, and soul through intriguing renditions of covers and energetic solos.

6-8 p.m. / Stop Motion Animation Workshop
Learn how to make stop motion animations! Fort

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The Norton Museum of Art is one of the most celebrated art museums in south Florida. It has become known for its incredible art collection but even more so for its fun events for the community. One of Norton Museum’s most popular events is “Art After Dark.”

“Art After Dark” has earned a good reputation from its diverse collection of art ranging from paint to film, sculpture to fine dining and the list goes on. The event is where “culture and entertainment meet” many have said and its certainly one event you will want to experience. Guests of the program will take a journey into different forms of art. At one “Art After Dark” event you may be studying music, the next can be dance, and other times it will be about fine art, historical masterpieces or

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