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On September 6th, Café Boulud of Palm Beach will focus its dinner event on the classic qualities of  wines produced by “family owned properties” in northern Spain. Their resident sommelier, Imre Papp, has artfully chosen a selection of Spanish wines for the evening, including a reserve by Eladio Piñeiro planned to be served at the event’s 6:45 p.m. reception.

Dinner commences at 7 p.m. with a four-course menu orchestrated by executive chef Rick Mace and head pastry chef Julie Franceschini, with each course paired with specific wine chosen by Papp.

The main course is slow-cooked rainbow trout with chilled serrano-ham consommé, trout roe and pine nuts, and lamb prepared two ways with calabaza squash, puffed grains and sweet garlic. Dessert will be

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French chefs are masters at their craft and it is internationally known that they are the most rigorously trained and exacting chefs. French cuisines superiority is on the geographic good fortune that makes French agriculture both varied and rich in flavor.

French food is rooted in tradition. You will not find low calories delights, quinoa or kale on the traditional French menu. The French are extremely passionate when it comes to love, their culture and food. In fact, food is an important part of their culture and their lives.  Take a glance back on history, the best chefs prepared lavish meals for kings, queens and aristocracy.  Once the revolution came, these chefs opened restaurants for the masses and

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