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When decorating your home, you can’t neglect outdoor living spaces. Your pool area, porch area, balcony, and terrace, these are all places you and your family are going to spend a lot of time, so it’s worth putting some thought into. Here are some of the latest design trends that are sure to bring your outdoor living spaces up to the luxury level of the rest of your home.

Function First

When designing and decorating an outdoor living space, you need to think function. And, in South Florida, that means making accommodations for the heat. Whether it is ceiling fans, misters, or umbrellas, you want to ensure that your outdoor living spaces not only look good but also that they are practical.

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Outdoor Cooking

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The City of Lake Worth is calling for local designers, architects and dreamers to come up with a vision for their Cultural Arts District. All submissions will be showcased at a formal gallery opening, on display for residents, entrepreneurs, property owners and investors. The deadline is November 2nd, and first place takes home $1,500 with runners up bringing home some bank too. 

"As part of an aggressive initiative to encourage investment in the city and to stimulate a vibrant, sustainable future, the City recently adopted changes to its Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations. Now, we are inviting the design community to look at the city with fresh eyes and to envision what its future might hold," says the Envision Lake Worth website.

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