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Team Elam is a nonprofit organization formed by ex-NFL star Abe Elam along with his brother, Matt Elam of the Baltimore Ravens. The charity hosts events throughout the year to help kids in Palm Beach, Martin and Broward counties succeed, teaching them skills in both athletics and in life.

"I told myself whenever God gave me the opportunity to give back, that's what I would do," Elam told the Palm Beach Post in an interview, "I just hope these kids take notice of it, make the best of each opportunity they get, and come back and do great things as well."

Since 2008 when the organization was formed, their two biggest events have been the annual "Day in the Park" and "Charity Weekend." At a day in the park, an average of 2,500 families join together

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Pictured: Miami Dolphins 2018 QB Ryan Tannehill and WR Kenny Stills

Two weeks into training camp, Miami Dolphins Quarterback Ryan Tannehill is more solid than ever, and Head Coach Adam Gase is not only cheering him on, but praising his high performance as “mistake-free”.

“[In 2016,] we were all trying to learn the offense and I was trying to learn [the team],” Gase said. “That was the early stages of the offense. Really, once we hit the spring last year, [Tannehill] was just trying to fine-tune more the throws, the pinpoint accuracy. Instead of missing the throws a little bit, he was trying to put it exactly where he wanted it.”

The hopes of Miami’s success last season crumbled in August of 2017 when Calais Campbell’s 6-foot-8 300 pound body

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