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If you live in Jupiter, there are several membership-based Marinas you might consider joining, one of them Jupiter Pointe. The marina is great for families because not only does it offer boat storage and rental, but also stand up paddle boarding for you and the kids.

Where: 18753 SE Federal Hwy, Tequesta, FL 33469


Here are some of the standup paddle boarding tours offered by the Jupiter Pointe Club and Marina

Island Tours

Island Tours are held every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 11 am. The island tours are 90 minutes and guided.

Full Moon Tours

These are 90 minute, guided tours that take place during clear nights underneath the stars. A drum circle, bon fire and a cash bar follow the moon tours.

Doggie Paddle


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A network of paved paths and hardpacked limestone natural walkways wind through 90 acres of pine flatwoods, oak hammocks, and dense palm hammocks behind the Okeeheelee Nature Center at popular Okeeheelee Park.

At the Okeeheelee Nature Center you can enjoy birding and wildlife watching at a variety of pond overlooks on a gentle stroll through habitats once common throughout this highly populated area just west of West Palm Beach.

The park has a massive green space with many miles of paved walking trails around former rock pits that create large ponds. These trails are separate from the ones around the park itself; you must access them from the nature center area. Along the trail system, several overlooks provide scenic views over ponds and into a

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Palm Beach County has a variety of classic museums, like the Norton Museum of Art and the Society of Four Arts, where you can go an enjoy air-conditioned art. But it also has several other places where you can casually enjoy unique outdoor art. Here are a few that you might enjoy.

The Philip Hulitar

This serene and inspiring garden on Palm Beach mixes works of art with the natural masterworks of plant and flower. Visiting the Philip Hulitar Sculpture Garden will show you a place where the art of man has been blended with nature, with exceptional results

Mounts Botanical Garden

Created in 1938, Mounts Botanical Garden was intended as a guide for local homeowners building their own tropical gardens. Over the decades the garden became much

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The waters under the Blue Heron Bridge at Phil Foster Park are world-famous among scuba divers and snorkelers for their variety of marinelife. The snorkel trail is located just south of Phil Foster Park’s beach, 200 feet offshore, and is accessible for every level, ranging in depth from 6 to 10 feet.

For beginners, who are taking to the water with just a mask, snorkel and fins, the trail is a true treasure—not too taxing of a swim and shallow enough to ease anxiety but populated enough to get a sense of Phil Foster Park’s biodiversity. For SCUBA divers, it’s shallow enough to stay underwater for up to two hours—plenty of time to capture a shot of some of the rare fish species scurrying about. The design of the reef trail mimics a barrier reef,

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Riverbend Park is a 680-acre preserve in Jupiter and is an ideal destination for hikers who want a taste of the wilds of Southeast Florida without getting their feet wet. More than 15 miles of interconnected trails and roads make up the trail network. The hiking trails are engineered, broad walkways of compacted limestone. Signage and kiosks make it nearly impossible to get lost. It’s nature, tamed, making it accessible to city dwellers who’d otherwise never take a hike.

The park is open sunrise to one hour before sunset daily. Strollers are welcome. Trails, which are fortified with crushed Limerock, are shared with bicycles. The equestrian trails afford a more natural surface. There are portable toilets at several spots within the park. An

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Volleyball is a favorite Palm Beach pastime. What better way to spend a Saturday or Sunday than playing outdoor volleyball with friends or family? Especially now with the exceptional weather we’re slated to have this weekend. Here are a few great places to play some volleyball in South Florida sun.

Burt Reynolds Park

Burt Reynolds Park in Jupiter is located in northern Palm Beach County and houses the Jupiter Chamber of Commerce and the River Center. This 35.55 acres park runs laterally along 2000 feet of the Intracoastal Waterway. It includes a sand volleyball court, six ramps for boat launching for those boating enthusiasts. There are also plenty of picnic shelters, some including grills. Saltwater fishing is also allowed within the area.

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Head to Sawfish Bay Park in Jupiter this Sunday to participate in a community trash clean up. It’s critical that we, as residents of Palm Beach County, work to ensure that our beaches and oceans are as clean and healthy as ever.

This is a great event for you to show your kids how to get involved in the community and give back in meaningful ways.

If you can bring any of the following please do, if not just bring you:

  • Buckets
  • Reusable bags
  • Gloves
  • Good vibes
  • Trash grabbers

Click here for more information.

When: Sunday, 9:00 am - 11:30 am

Where: Sawfish Bay Park, Old Dixie Hwy, Jupiter, FL 33477

About Sawfish Bay Park

Sawfish Bay is a beautiful park off of Old Dixie Highway in Jupiter. The park has:

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Grassy Waters Preserve is like the Everglades, but it’s right in West Palm Beach. Grassy Waters is a massive preserve – 20 square miles – that remains untouched because it is now the drinking water supply for the residents of West Palm Beach and several other communities.

Grassy Waters Preserve is home to a variety of native wildlife. Commonly sighted species including the Everglades snail kite, wood stork, white ibis, great blue heron, white-tailed deer, otter, bobcat, and alligator. For the United States, it’s a reservoir like no other. The nature center and boardwalk on the south side of Northlake Road provide the easiest public access to this unique preserve.

Hiking in The Grassy Water Preserve

The boardwalk trail at The Grassy Water

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With its 47 miles of beachfront, the Palm Beaches have a lot of snorkeling spots to choose from. Here are a few of the best.

Phil Foster Park

Constructed as a part of Palm Beach County’s Environmental Resources Management’s Artificial Reef Program, Phil Foster Park was completed in August of 2013. The park is an 800-foot-long tract of artificial reef incorporates more than 600 tons of Anastasia rock boulders. Loosely strung together in easily accessible depths ranging from six to ten feet. Snorkelers will encounter a variety of species of fish, from colorful tropical-like angelfish and parrotfish to reef dwellers like snapper, grunts, and grouper. Lucky snorkelers may glimpse one or more of the six species of seahorses that have been observed in

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Manatees roam the waters of southeast Florida from April through October -- but when things get a bit chilly, they head to places like freshwater Florida springs, where the temperatures remain constant throughout the year.

It may not seem warm when you jump into a freshwater spring, but the water temperatures remain around 70 degrees, which is perfect for manatees in Florida who need that kind of warmth to survive.

Seeing a large number of Florida manatees in one place is an amazing experience, but just remember these gentle sea cows are there for survival.

Manatee Lagoon

Attracting manatees in the wintertime, Manatee Lagoon, An FPL Eco-Discover Center in West Palm Beach has seen up to 800 manatees during a cold snap. Here visitors will

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