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One of the most cherished and celebrated events to occur in Jupiter is when the sea turtles make their way onto the beaches to lay their eggs. The month of May is the time for you to register for the nighttime walks to witness this incredible site.

The amazing staff at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center provide guided walks along the beach that allow the guests to learn and observe the egg laying and hatching process. “A Turtle Walk is a unique program that allows our visitors to learn about, and observe, the nesting and egg-laying process of sea turtles.  Experienced Loggerhead Marinelife Center scouts will patrol our designated section of Juno Beach searching for sea turtles while visitors enjoy an informative presentation on the plight of sea turtles,

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You can get an up close and personal encounter with thousands of turtles every Wednesday through Saturday in June and July right here in Palm Beach County. These guided turtle walks allow visitors to learn about and observe the nesting and egg laying process of sea turtles.

Guests are guided by experienced Loggerhead Marine life Center scouts. Tours go throughout pre-patrolled, designated sections of Juno Beach. It is of upmost importance that the turtles are not disturbed and shown the upmost respect. This exclusive, special experience will show visitors a nice variety of sea turtles including: leather backs, loggerheads, green turtles and more.
Turtle Walks are priced $17 per person or $12 per person for LMC members. Walk-ins are welcomed but a flat rate…
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