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The Greatest Gardens In South Florida | Waterfront Properties

Posted by Gerald Lombardo on Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 2:37pm.

South Florida has some of the lushest gardens you will find anywhere under the sun. Here are a few of the best and biggest in the Palm Beaches.

The Society of The Four Arts Botanical Garden

Created in 1938 by the Garden Club of Palm Beach, the Botanical Garden serves as a guide for local homeowners building their own tropical gardens. Many visitors come simply to relax in the quiet serenity and release the pressures of daily life. Heavily renovated in the early 2000s with new seating, lighting and irrigation the gardens serve as inspiration for gardeners and as a haven for those who just want to relax.  The gardens are free to the public.

Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens

Japanese gardens are masterfully designed to immerse the visitor in beauty and serenity, and The Palm Beaches has a world-class example of this high art. The Morikami Gardens were designed to be a living exhibit complementing the museum.  Among the seven distinct gardens are the Shinden Garden featuring lakes and islands, Karesansui Late Rock Garden that uses rocks rather than plants as a design focus, and Morikami Falls which combines massive boulders and flowing water to create a breathtaking design.

Pan’s Garden

Pan’s Garden is a beautiful botanical garden devoted to preserving Florida’s native plants. The garden takes its name from the bronze statue of Pan of Rohallion that graces the garden’s entrance pool. Highlighted by graceful gumbo limbo trees, endangered Florida rosemary and butterfly orchids in addition to a broad spectrum of other regional flora, Pan’s Garden allows visitors to escape Palm Beach’s business district for a relaxing break. Admission is free.

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