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The New Vegan Restaurant And Juice Bar Grand Opening

Posted by Gerald Lombardo on Monday, March 4th, 2019 at 9:02am.

There’s a new vegan restaurant opening this Friday in West Palm Beach. The restaurant, aptly named “The New Vegan,” was founded with the mission to bring good nutritional food to Delray Beach. They offer a 100% vegan menu, including dairy free, soy free, wheat & gluten free, and GMO free food. They also offer a burger mix, meal plans, and school lunches.

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When: Fri, March 8 from 6PM to 10PM

Where: The New Vegan Restaurant - 538 Northwood Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33407


- 6pm to 7pm free food and juice samples

- 6:30pm to 7pm City officials speech

- 7pm to 10pm meals / drinks

- 8pm to 9pm free salsa class

Vegan Health Benefits

Going vegan is an increasingly popular trend. Some describe their reasons for switching away from meat as ethical, while others tout the health benefits like weight loss, lower blood-sugar, and, possibly, a healthier, longer life. While many of these claims are still scientifically unsubstantiated, there is an increasing body of research being done to prove, or disprove, their validity.

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