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Posted by Lorea Thomson on Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 at 1:04pm.


Trader Joe's, a privately held California based specialty chain of grocery stores, will open its first Palm Beach County store in the PGA Plaza and Prosperity Farms Road in Palm Beach Gardens sometime in 2014.  Trader Joe’s will be located in the southwest corner of the plaza, just west of the Marshall’s department store. The structure will be demolished and rebuilt to accommodate the 12,500 square foot market.        


People unfamiliar with Trader Joe’s will enjoy the laid-back vibe, cedar planked walls and Hawaiian shirts worn by employees.  The name “trader” reflects the company’s search for quirky and unique items that are good values.  They understand the importance of covering a range of options for the consumer when it comes to grocery shopping, your health, and the environment.  When it comes to meat and poultry, they offer products raised without the use of antibiotics (organic or explicitly labeled as antibiotic-free).   Related to seafood, products within the stores are shifted to sustainable resources, and vary accordingly. They also offer a wide variety of wines and beers.

In 2001, Trader Joe‘s began a new approach to their private label products…NO Genetically Modified Organisms allowed in their products. Any food or beverage item with Trader Joe’s, Trader Jose’s, Trader Ming’s, etc. on the label has been made without the use of genetically engineered ingredients. Necessary research in the form of affidavits, identity-preserved certification of seed stock, and third party lab results from testing of ingredients in question are required of all items with the Trader label. Trader Joe’s has a more “holistic approach and made the no GMO ingredients position part of what the Trader Joe’s label encompasses.”

Trader Joe’s hopes to become your neighborhood grocery store whether you live in Jupiter or Gardens. Stop in and check out the array of artisan cheeses, fruits and vegetables, appetizers, vitamins and minerals, and varied wines all affordably priced. You will find only 100% juice options at Trader Joe’s. They also offer Vegan, Vegetarian, Fat-Free, No-Gluten, Sodium-Free, and Kosher items.

The company, based in Monrovia, CA, has over 390 stores in 35 states, targets Florida amongst one of the states in their next growth spurt.

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