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Voting closes January 25 for CoastalLiving.com and their annual “Happiest Seaside Town in 2016”.  From Hawaii to Alabama and Florida to California, they are considered based on their rank with the Gallup-Healthways Well Being Index.

The Gallup-Healthways Well Being Index methodology is “designed to be the Dow Jones of health, giving a daily measure of people's wellbeing at the close of every day. With a daily measure, determining the correlation between the places where people work and the communities in which they live, and how it impacts their wellbeing”.  It takes into account healthiness of the beaches, percentage of sunny and clear days, standard of living and financial demographics of the areas.

The editors of CoastalLiving.com then focus

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Beach Front at Singer Island is a luxurious condominium built on 5.7 acres of oceanfront property.  It was built by Toll Brothers in 2007 on a sprawling 5.7 acres and feature all the amenities most condominium owners desire.

Residents have the unique opportunity to view both the sparkling waters of the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean.  Amenities include 24-hour manned security, heated Oceanside pool, extensively decorated lobby, social room, theater room, fitness center, and on-site concierge.

 The 20-story building includes 51 condominiums, with only 3 residences on each floor, along with 8 separate two-story building.  The condominiums consist of two, three, and four bedrooms that range in size from 2,439 to 4,088 square feet.

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Jonathan Dickinson State Park has long been prized as one of the jewels of Florida. The famous park is a Florida State Park and historic site in Martin County Florida. 

Located just south of Stuart and north of Hobe Sound, this park teems with wildlife in 13 natural communities, including sand pine scrub, pine flat woods, mangroves, and river swamps. The variety and health of these natural environments at Jonathan Dickinson State Park are what make this place so special. Teeming with wildlife, the park is the perfect place to come for a hike, take photos, kayak and explore what Florida’s true ecosystems are like. 

Running throughout the park is the iconic The Loxahatchee River, Florida's first federally designated Wild and Scenic River.Ranger-guided

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Whether you own a piece of real estate in Palm Beach County, live here permanently or just vacation here, it is clear that our eco-systems are a cherished part of South Florida life. If it is important to you to protect the precious Floridian environment join the Eco-Watch lecture series put on by the famous Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. 

Gumbo Limbo’s annual “Eco-Watch” Lecture Series begin this week in Boca Raton, Florida. The series are offered at Gumbo Limbo’s classroom from the end of January until the end of April. Each lecture has a different topic and is led by a top environmentalist, often with a Ph.D. in his or her field. 

These lectures are a huge hit in the local community as they shed light on the important ecosystems of south Florida.

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How's the winter season treating you? 82 degrees in paradise today. South Florida set the record for the warmest December and warmest year in recorded history! Guess we will not to see snow again this year. 

While some of area beaches offer a little more tranquility and seclusion, other beaches, like South Beach, are more energized, surrounded by pulsating  nightlife and closer to the action.  Pick your poison,  from Miami to the seaside tranquility of Tequesta, it's up to you. 

South Florida's warm climate promotes good health, as good weather allows people to play and exercise outdoors. Experts say, it also might help those with seasonal affective disorder, also thought of as the "winter blues". The disorder is actually a form of depression

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The Town of Jupiter is rich in history, never to be washed away or forgotten, with the earliest known records of the Jupiter Inlet dating as far back as 1565. The town’s most identifiable landmark, Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, was erected in the 1800s. The stately red brick lighthouse continues to stand, ranging 105 feet into the sky, atop a 46-foot hill on the north shore of the Jupiter Inlet. Stretching to the Atlantic Ocean, Jupiter features a delightful tropical climate and truly that "small town" appeal with big city benefits.

The town of Jupiter has a historic timeline with stories about the area ranging from the ancient Indians, through the European discovery of the area by Ponce de Leon, to the Seminole Indian War battles fought here. The

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These past few days the weather has had a crisp chill in the air. If you are a common beach goer you may have spotted your fellow beach walkers out enjoying the weather but with an extra layer of clothing. 

Over the next dew days the weather is expected to warm up again for a little bit. The typical warm and humid south Florida temperatures will regain control, so if you are an avid sun worshiper, take this chance to make the rest of the nation jealous and hit the beach or pool. But do be careful for the winds. The winds are expected to stay around the 25mph mark for a period. For Christmas Day you can expect highs in the 80’s. 

For some a snowy, white Christmas is a common holiday sight but for local south Floridians we live here for the year

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Just because we live in sunny, South Florida doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a snowy holiday! Every night, City Place in West Palm Beach turns into a winter wonderland with a beautiful snowfall. 

This has been a beautiful tradition put on by City Place for years and it sure draws a crowd. Each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening at 6 pm and 7pm the snow will begin cascading down onto the plaza. Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday the snowfall will take place at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm.

Almost 3 feet of snow floats down at each hourly snowfall, which is, even more snowfall than what falls on Central Park in New York. City Place uses a special MagicSnow technology that creates incredibly real snow, never producing two identical snowflakes.


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The Chief Executive Officer of indulgent fashion brand Louis Vuitton purchased a home for $11.7 million on Allison Island in Miami Beach last year.  The South Florida waterfront property is a one-acre island property with 200 square feet of waterfrontage with a private dock, guesthouse, and tennis court according to the Wall Street Journal report.  

The house was originally listed for $13 million and purchased by the CEO for the just under $12million in January 2014.  Demolition of the existing home and construction of a new residence is still underway. Allison Island is unique residential 8.5-acre island in the Biscayne Bay with unobstructed access to the Atlantic Ocean.  Location, unique water access and privacy make this island highly desirable

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Right now in south Florida we are enjoying some great holiday, weather. Quite different from the rest of the nation we are still enjoying warm sun with a nice mild temperature, which to Floridians is considered “winter time.” With the holiday break around the corner for kids here are some fun activities to try while the ocean waters might be too chilly for a dip: 

  1. Lighthouse Cove Adventure Golf 

Another great idea for a kid’s night (or day) out on the town is mini golf and there isn’t a better one than Lighthouse Cove Adventure Golf. Found in the heart of Jupiter, this fun mini golf course features big fountains, caves, dolphins and ships to work around while you’re golfing with the kids and family. They also serve food, beverages, wine and

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