Weekly Fishing Report 7.18.14

The sport fishing bite has been on the hook all week and there is no pressure on the fishing mid-week of July. Classic summer fishing conditions, along with the sun blaring upon us, keep an eye out for the typical rain storms happening throughout South Florida. Keep your radar handy when offshore!

For those of you who are skillful sailors and are on your own boats have been doing well in the vicinity of 800 feet of water. There has been a lot of Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi) offshore and continues to be good in South Florida. Most fish are in schools but a few nice gaffers tend to show up in the mix from time to time.

An all-day fishing trip in Jupiter, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and Dania Beach are providing fish that can be…

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Bright blue sky, calm blue sea, and a slight tropical breeze gently blowing the palm tree branches this early evening.  There are so many healthy options other than picking up a cold one today.  Look for baby turtle hatchlings along the dunes, but please don’t touch.  Take a brisk walk along the waterline and the sandy white beach.  Let Fido play fetch on the dog beach or ride a bike alongside the seagrapes.  

Whatever you decide, it’s must be the right decison, because living along this 4 mile stretch of unobstructed beach in Juno and Jupiter,  is heaven, just look at this is the view of the Atlantic Ocean!   

Contact a real estate specialist at Waterfront Properties and Club Communities to discuss the market in this area by sending an email…

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The 7th Annual Internationally World Famous Treasure Trove Fishing Tournament is out of the Treasure Trove on Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida. Entry is free and all proceeds will be given out to charity.
Every year, the organization picks a different cause, this year they have chosen The Foundation Fighting Blindness, a group whose duty is to drive the research that will be responsible for preventions, treatments, and cures for people affected by retinitis pigmentosa (RP), macular degeneration, usher syndrome, and the entire spectrum of
retinal degenerative diseases.
The Internationally World Famous Treasure Trove Fishing Tournament states that all types of tackle and even spear guns are allowed. Species include dolphin, wahoo, tuna, swordfish, kingfish,…

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Saltwater Fishing in South Florida

There is an old saying that fisherman have used for ages: “match the hatch” which was introduced by fisherman who attempt to match whatever the fish is feeding on. The bait should mimic as closely as possible to the natural food the fish are feeding on. Matching the hatch is just streamlining the process, because of the factors that play in color choice, such as water clarity and cloud conditions. But there is no doubt that choosing the right colors can make a big difference in how fish respond to an offering.
I have spoken to several anglers in the South Florida area on a daily basis to ask what colors work best for their trolling lures.  I was informed that the guideline that holds true for most fisherman: “Clear water or…

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Homes in our area are built overlooking the azure blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the tranquil waters of the Intracoastal Waterway, or the wild and scenic Loxahatchee River.  Waterfont living is a relaxed, yet luxurious lifestyle centered around our gorgeous coastline.

Jupiter, Jupiter Island, Village of Tequesta, Palm Beach Gardens, Stuart and the surrounding areas offer waterfront living with a quiet place settle down and enjoy the sunset.  The area also offers world class dining, shopping, and a vibrant cultural arts scene with Palm Beach and Miami just minutes away.

So whether you are beach lover, golfer, boater married to a nature lover dreaming of owning a waterfront property consider this area.  Speak to a Waterfront Properties and…

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ChaseN’Tailz, a KDW sports fishing tournament dedicated to keep Chase Warren’s legacy alive and spread awareness all while raising money that is much needed for research.
Who is Chase Warren? Chase was a baby born on October 1, 2012 as what appeared to be a healthy boy turned quickly into a heartbreaking tragedy. Over the next ten months, Chase was continuously getting sick and doctors could not diagnose the cause of his symptoms. As Chase was getting sicker every day, he passes away on August 7, 2013. Two days after the tragedy the Warren family received their son’s diagnosis, Gaucher Type 2, this was fatal and untreatable.

To celebrate the memory of Chase Warren , the Warren family has created the first annual ChaseN’Tailz fishing tournament that will be…

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Every summer our South Florida beaches are draped with bright colored tape and signs to show where these sea turtles have buried their eggs. Florida beaches are the number one place for sea turtles to nest from May – October. Sea Turtles are most common up and down the Atlantic coastline; groups organize together and do night-time sea turtle walks in July to observe these ancient creatures in their natural state.
Getting the chance to see a Loggerhead, Leatherback or green sea turtle in action is such an unforgettable experience. Visitors are led to these spots on the beach where these sea turtles are digging a hole about one or two feet deep with their flippers. After the sea turtle prepares its nesting ground on the beach the creature will start filling…

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The River Center has created a fishing tournament for Junior Anglers to participate in this summer. This Fishing tournament encourages kids to explore the variety of local fisheries and to learn more about our area and its exceptional aquatic habitats, all while learning how to improve their fishing skills. Junior Anglers between the ages of 5 and 17 should register at the River Center where registration packets are available.

Participants can send in photos throughout the summer of their catches from freshwater to saltwater. Points add up with each submission based on the variety and number of species caught.
The River Center, which is located in Jupiter at Burt Reynolds Park, is also inviting all to the “End of Summer” Fish Fry on August 2, 2014 where…

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Admirals Cove is committed to families.  The youth program at The Club at Admirals Cove is called the “Covesters”.   The kids programs at Admirals Cove include Camp at the Cove, youth fishing, Movie, night, family night, homework assistance, tennis, golf, holiday parties, birthday parties, and so much more. 

Get the family together and join in the fun. Play bingo, trivia, sing karaoke, board games or sport challenges offered every third Saturday of the month. 

Every Friday night from 6-9pm there are a variety of exciting indoor and outdoor activities. One group will get started with crafts, while the other group tests their skill with and exciting outdoor sport ( perhaps on the half court basketball hoop or swimming pool).  Trained counselors will…

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Unusual Baits to Fool Big Bass

It might be time to mix it up with some abnormal looking bait that you never thought could get a Bass’s attention. Largemouth Bass are very confident feeders that are capable of confronting large prey items- hence the nickname “bucket mouth.” Effortlessly absorbing prey nearly the size of them, largemouth bass rule freshwater shallows and normally do not let chances go to waste.

Big Bass often keen on frogs, lizards, birds, mice, snakes and more. Artificial water snakes are common throughout South Florida, slithering across lily pads. Field mice and rats normally hunt along the shorelines and sometimes will go for a swim. Nothing better to a largemouth bass than a tired mouse that is struggling and is tempted to climb on…

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