Get ready to spice up your exercise routine Palm Beach County style.  Try a new challenge known as stand up paddleboard yoga it will bring you to a whole new awareness of mind, body and spirit.  This area is a magnet for the health-conscious.  Consider floating on the paddleboard as a metaphor.  It can alleviate some of the heaviness that life sometimes throws on you.  If you can stand on one foot, you can do yoga on the water. There are many different styles of yoga.  According to the National Institute of Health, “Mixing it up also helps to reduce boredom and cuts your risk of injury.”

It’s understood that the platform of the stand-up paddleboard is unstable, you must engage your core to balance and go through the poses.  Add a whole new element…

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On September 1st, the much awaited recreational snook season reopens in Palm Beach County for the duration of September, October, November, and midway through December.

South Florida snook is one of the most prized and most regulated fish due to a few good reasons. Snook not only puts up a powerful fight, but its mildly-firm white meat has an excellent flavor due to its diet of crustaceans and other small fish. Because of this, if snook fishing was left unmanaged, they would surely be a rare sight.

Buying or selling a snook in the state of Florida is illegal, so if you’re dying to feast on this sly silver fish, you’ll just have to catch it yourself!

The bag limit for harvesting snook is ONE per harvester per day, your catch must be between…

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For the entire month of September, several restaurants from Boca Raton to Jupiter come together to participate in the month-long journey for the fight for your taste buds. The popular event is back for the 11th year in a row and features more than 50 restaurants with dining specials and prices throughout the month.

Flavor Palm Beach was founded in 2007 to introduce diners to the local restaurants in Palm Beach County. Diners will have to opportunity to enjoy a large selection of specially priced meals from some of the hottest and most popular restaurants in the area.

Restaurants and Bistros offer prix menus for dinner and lunch. The menu consists of a three-course meal for lunch is $20 dollars and a menu ranging for dinner from $30 dollars to $45 dollars…

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The Countdown 2 Zero (C2Z) pet adoption event at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach is the county's largest event of its kind. More than 22 rescues will be there with over 1,000 homeless puppies, dogs, cats and kittens, rabbits and more. 

The 5th annual adoption gathering is happening on Saturday, September 8th from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. It's hosted by Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League and Palm Beach County Animal Care & Control and sponsored by the Lois Pope Life Foundation. Last year, 273 pets found a new home and organizers are hoping to help even more abandoned pets find a family this year.

"This is Palm Beach County’s largest one-day adoption event,” said Rich Anderson, Executive Director/CEO of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, "On…

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The Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue Team (PBCOR) placed first place at the 2018 United States Lifesaving Association Southeast Regional Championships. The competition was held at Flagler Beach and was attended by 22 beach patrol teams with some of the best ocean athletes in the United States.

Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue was supported by 16 competitors who volunteered their time and resources to represent the County and included: Lieutenant Chase Robertson, Kim Robertson, Jessica Ventura, Lead Guard Tiffany Lacasse-Johnson, Lieutenant Phil Harris, Chase Harris, Matt Lynskey, Tracey Matuszko, Lieutenant Dan Barnickel, Russ Gehweiler, Jessie Stevens, Training Officer Steve Kaes, Kira Shoemaker, Mitchell Irwin, Hanna Forrest and Lex May.


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Sheltered from the Jupiter sun by colorful paint and tin roof is a chow shack right out of an old Gidget movie.  Dune Dog, 775 North Alternate A1A,  just north of Indiantown Road, is an after boating or being at the beach spot. It’s perfect for cooling down and filling you up. It’s a tropical, beach-inspired snack shack café you are going to fall in “Love at First Bite” with the award-winning food.

Dune Dog has been a favorite of locals and visitors alike since 1994.  The crowd-pleasing menu options and laid back “happy island” atmosphere has catapulted the little fresh-air cafe to become a landmark destination, like the Historic Jupiter Lighthouse,  in the Town of Jupiter. This is the spot where you can wear your flip-flops and your bathing suit,…

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The National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach is the largest croquet facility internationally. The National Croquet Center is located at 700 Florida Mango Road, West Palm Beach. It consists of four acres of lawns, croquet courts and a 19,000-square-foot clubhouse. The facility can accommodate as many as 600 players and their mallets.  The uniqueness of the sport and lovely facilities are a great option for gatherings.

The origins of croquet are a little cloudy.  A woman, known as Miss McNaughton, observed what she referred to as “peasants” in France playing a game. The was with hoops made of willow rods and mallets of broomsticks inserted into pieces of wood.  She brought the concept of the game and introduced it in Ireland.  From Ireland the…

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With a shortage of supply in the housing market across the country, buyers may find themselves competing with other buyers for their dream home. It's important to be ready financially and have research done with an experienced real estate agent before going head-to-head on a bid. Here are some ways to have a competitive advantage for the home you want to purchase:

  • Get pre-approved for a loan. Don't just talk to a lender about potential loans- submit all of your required documentation to receive a pre-approval letter. 
  • Pay with cash if you can. Usually an all-cash offer will take the bid because it makes the settlement speedy and removes any financial uncertainty. Cash sales have been declining nationwide but Palm Beach County, for example,…

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Many people don't have the right impression about what factors actually attribute to credit scores, but having a better understanding of credit is very helpful for planning and budgeting.

Your credit score is factored upon missed payments, high balances and personal bankruptcy. It does not include factors like age, marital status, tax liens, medical bills less than 6 months old or civil judgements. 

FICO Score breakdown:

Payment History: 35%

Amounts Owed: 30%

Length of Credit History: 15%

Credit Mix: 10%

New Credit: 10%

You can improve your credit score by taking the following steps:

Pay bills on time every month.

Keep your balances below the credit limit. Try not to go past 40% and start paying off bills with the…

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  • With 183,000 students, Palm Beach County has the 5th largest school district in Florida and 11th largest in the nation. 

  • The A-rated district has students from more than 190 countries speaking 140 different languages.

  • It consists of 187 schools with a fast-growing charter school population.

  • The district has more than 270 award-winning Choice Programs and Career Academies.

  • It is the top performing Urban District in the state with some of the highest test scores and gradutation rates in the country.

  • More than 90% of students pursue a post-secondy education after graduation.

  • The district has a budget of $2.3 billion annually.

  • It is the largest employer in Palm Beach County with…

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