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The City of Palm Beach Gardens announced this week that it will begin a "phased approach" to reopening some recreational activities to the public.

As of yesterday (4/29), the following city recreational facilities will be open for individual use:

  • Burns Road Walking Trail

  • Gardens Park

  • Joe Russo Athletic Complex

  • Lake Catherine Sports Complex & Lake Catherine Park

  • Lilac Park

  • Mirasol Park

  • Oaks Park

  • PGA Park

  • Plant Drive

  • Riverside Linear Park

  • Sandhill Crane Access Park

  • The Gardens North County District Park

  • Thompson River Linear Park

  • Twins Park

Sandhill Crane Golf Course will be open for calls to schedule tee times,

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Earlier this week, Governor DeSantis announced a slow plan to reopen the state of Florida and Palm Beach County.  It was announced on Monday by the Palm Beach County Mayor and County Commissioners that some recreational facilities may reopen as of yesterday with restrictions to prevent the further spread of Covid-19.  

Yesterday, Wednesday, April 29th, many recreational facilities in Palm Beach County after being closed for the past few weeks due to Covid-19.  Many parks in Palm Beach County reopened yesterday but not all. 

Restrictions for visiting parks include:

  • Park hours limited to sunrise to sunset
  • Park is open for walking, biking, hiking, strolling, and running. Fishing, kayaking, canoeing, bike rentals, water skiing, wake
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As more people recover from the novel coronavirus and seek to resume their normal activities, there’s been a lot of talk about testing for COVID-19 antibodies.

But what are antibody tests, exactly, and how do they differ from diagnostic tests for COVID-19? What do the results indicate for the people who take these tests? And what do they mean for how we should conduct ourselves during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Here are 5 things to know about the coronavirus antibody testing according to the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

What is antibody testing? and how is it different from diagnostic testing?

Diagnostic testing for COVID-19 involves looking to see whether an active virus is present — in this case, the coronavirus formally known as SARS-CoV-2.

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Governor DeSantis and Palm Beach County Commissioners and Mayor announced some positive news about the slow down of Covid-19 in South Florida and the start of reopening Florida. 

Palm Beach County is taking gradual steps to start to reopen the county in a safe way. On Monday afternoon, the county commissioners announced that starting yesterday Wednesday, April 29th marinas, public parks, boat ramps, community pools, golf courses, tennis courts and other recreational facilities will begin to open with restrictions and maintaining social distancing practices. The beaches will still remain closed until further notice. 

This news is great for golfers who have been itching to get back out on the course. Since many golf courses in Palm Beach County

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Gov. Ron DeSantis announced yesterday that he will begin opening most of Florida’s restaurants, retail and recreation. Palm Beach County, however, will remain under some broader restrictions for the time being. There should be further developments on Palm Beach and Broward counties as early as next week.

While South Florida is not in the mix to regain some economic freedoms, DeSantis said he didn’t think the region would trail for much longer given the downward trends in new cases and rates of those testing positive.

“If we’re making progress, we need to put people back to work,” He said. “I deliberately erred on the side of taking measured steps, maybe even baby steps to a brighter day.

“We need to focus on facts and not fear.”


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Staying physically active is one of the best ways to keep your mind and body healthy. In many areas, people can visit parks, trails, and open spaces as a way to relieve stress, get some fresh air and vitamin D, stay active, and safely connect with others.

While these facilities and areas can offer health benefits, it is important that you follow the steps below to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.


  • Visit parks that are close to your home: If you are sick with COVID-19, were recently exposed (within 14 days) to someone with COVID-19, or just don’t feel well, do not visit public areas including parks or recreational facilities. Follow recommended steps to take if you are sick.

  • Traveling long distances to visit a park

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Explore the White House.  Self-guided tours of the White House are currently unavailable.  To experience the history and art of the White House in person takes some doing.  First, one must submit a tour request through one’s Member of Congress. COVID-19 has put in person tours of the White House on hold.

Now we can explore the White House virtually instead with high resolution images. You can look at paintings on the wall, wander the halls, and pan all around you to take in the elaborate furnishings, high ceilings, and stately decor.  Travel is a bit locked down for South Florida, as well as all United States citizens, so this is a good option.  The virtual tour is filled with hours of interesting things to explore and learn.

There are several

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The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, in West Palm Beach, has been diligently working to reformat its programming for a digital audience. In addition to three online tours—two currently available and one in the works. Ann Norton Sculpture Garden also presented a virtual rendition of its renowned Earth Day experience. 

Virtual field trips are a great way to expose people to new places all from the comfort of home. In this age of technology, so many museums, zoos and aquariums have set up virtual tours and webcams of their facilities.

The virtual version will include lessons and demonstrations aimed at introducing students to eco-friendly practices. The museum organization also has an educational opportunity featuring children reading aloud from the

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These past few weeks we have been spending more time at home and now is the time to catch up on some of your favorite TV shows, stream a new series, or sit back and watch a movie.  Streaming services like Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV have some of best and most popular shows trending right now.

Here is just some of the most popular shows and movies to stream right now. 

Popular TV Shows On Netflix:

  • Peaky Blinders (5 Seasons available on Netflix)
  • Tiger King (7 Episodes)
  • Ozark (3 Seasons)
  • Outlander (3 Seasons)
  • The Crown (3 Seasons)
  • Stranger Things (3 Seasons)
  • Narcos (3 Seasons)
  • Grace and Frankie (6 Seasons)
  • Love is Blind (11 Episodes)
  • The Office (9 Seasons)
  • Schitt’s Creek (5 Seasons)

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