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5 Fun Things to Do in South Florida During the Coronavirus

Posted by Gerald Lombardo on Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 at 12:45pm.

Living in self-quarantine and social isolation may not be the most exciting thing. But, if you’re creative with your time, there’s no reason you and your family can’t still have fun. Here are 5 fun (and safe) things to do in South Florida during the coronavirus.

See a Play

If you’re craving a bit of culture while cooped up inside, The Globe and The National Theater are at your rescue.

A 2009 performance of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” is streaming on The Globe theater’s YouTube channel. It will be available until May 3.

The National Theater is putting star power on its stream with its upcoming showing of “Frankenstein." Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller trade off the roles of Dr. Frankenstein and his creation. Cumberbatch performs as the creature from April 30 until May 7. Miller is the creature from May 1 until May 8.

Get Organized, Deep Clean

It’s time for Spring Cleaning and why not do it when you have the time to purge.

Good Housekeeping has 33 easy tips to help you get the job done.

Play an Instrument

Pick up a new instrument

Fender announced three free months of lessons on Fender PlayPeople magazine reported.

The company will teach you how to play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass or ukulele. All you have to do is sign up and find an instrument.

At the same time, Gibson is teaming with Amped Guitars to offer free months of online guitar lessons, NME reported.

Those companies are using the Amped Guitar Learning app that is currently only available on the Apple App store to learn how to play.

Have a campfire in the backyard

If you’re legally able to do so, either make or buy a fire pit and sit around the fire. Share family stories or ghost stories. Then make s’mores or toasted marshmallows.

You can even keep the gas grill off and cook over an open fire making foil pack meals or mountain pies (camping versions of Hot Pockets).

Have a backyard “drive-in”

Find a sheet, get a projector and let the movie light up the night after the sun goes down.

Click here for setup ideas that run the gamut from low tech to over the top when it comes to gear.

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