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Good news for shoppers, The Palm Beach Outlets announced late last week that they will be reopening for shoppers today, Monday May 11th. Last week, Governor DeSantis met with Palm Beach County officials and commissioners and agreed to let Palm Beach County enter Phase One of Reopening Florida.

Phase One includes restaurants and retail shops to open with 25% capacity. The Governor also included hair salons, nail salons and barber shops to reopen beginning today as well. 

The Palm Beach Outlets announced last week that they will be reopening today and will start welcoming shoppers back at their retail stores and restaurants. Stores that will be opening today include: Whole Foods, Skechers, Starbucks, PetSmart, TooJay’s, BJ’s Restaurnat and Brewery,

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Hundreds of artists and art instructors have been teaching art classes for kids for the past few weeks.  The art classes are aimed for kids and range in different topics, scenery and age groups.  The types of classes include simple craft projects, beginner drawing classes, watercolor painting, intermediate crafts, portraiture and more.  Some classes offer downloadable print outs and class sheets for coloring and painting. 

Here is a list we have found of online Art Classes for Kids:

Skillshare Online Art Classes: Offers 13 free online art classes for kids. Lessons can range from simple 15-minute course to courses lasting over an hour. 

Lunch Time Doodles With Mo Willems: The Brooklyn based artist and illustrator hosts a live doodle class

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The popular Palm Beach Gardens mall is hoping to receive the okay from the Governor to begin their own reopening process.  If the State of Florida continues to reopen like it has been doing, The Gardens Mall is planning on reopening their doors by Monday, May 18th. 

The Gardens Mall closed it doors due to Covid-19 at closing time on Wednesday, March 18th.  Recently the mall sent out survey’s to mall customers on tips and feedback on how they should reopen and what shoppers should expect to see when the mall opens back up. 

The results from the survey found that shoppers are anxious to get back to the mall. The mall is also planning to put these steps in place: curbside and home delivery, reduce seating in the food court, mall employees will have

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Now more than ever, cleaning and disinfectant products are flying off the shelves at local grocery stores and mostly sold out everywhere online. Germs live everywhere and can be easily be spread through the air or on surfaces so its important to disinfect and kill the germs. 

There are different types of germs, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses. Bacteria are one-celled organisms found throughout nature that can help you through vaccines and medicine or can hurt you such as strep throat.  Fungi are multi-celled organisms that like to live in damp and warm environments. Viruses cannot live on their own and need a host to survive and can cause the common cold.  Protozoa are also one-celled organisms that love the water and can cause infections. 

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Last week, Governor DeSantis gave Palm Beach County and the Town of Jupiter the clearance to start to reopen some public facilities in the effort to start to reopen Florida. 

Parks in Jupiter are now open and all areas are open for limited active use in accordance with the CDC Guidelines for social distancing.  Beach Parks remain closed until further notice. 

Jupiter Parks That Are Open Include:

  • Abacoa Community Park
  • Indian Creek Park
  • Jupiter Community Park
  • Jupiter Village Park
  • Lighthouse Park
  • Maplewood Park (no restrooms)
  • North Palm Beach Heights Park
  • Sawfish Bay Park (no restrooms)
  • Fish cleaning stations are open but limited to one person at a time

Parks Restrictions Include:

  • Parks are open from
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Lion Country Safari in western Palm Beach County announced on their website yesterday, that they will be reopening for drive thru safari tours today, Thursday, May 7th. 

The preserve will be open today from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm with the last car admitted at 4:30 pm. Lion Country Safari states that tickets must be pre-purchased and are only valid for the drive-thru date selected. Tickets can be purchased online and for each person three years of age or older inside the vehicle.

The walk-thru park of the safari will remain closed until further notice and restroom facilities are limited. 

Lion Country Safari is one of Palm Beach County’s most popular attractions for both locals and visitors. The safari is the only drive through and walk through

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Local restaurants and bars are currently closed to visitors for dine in services, but many restaurants and cafes located throughout Palm Beach County have adapted and are offering their menus to go for either curbside pick up or delivery.  Now is the time to help out and support a local business and order your next meal to go or to be delivered. 

Food Delivery Services Include:

  • Delivery Dudes
  • Uber Eats
  • Door Dash
  • Postmates
  • BiteSquad
  • GrubHub
  • Chow Cab
  • InstaCart

Just simply go online to their website or download their app, type in your address and search through hundreds of local restaurants and menus. Once you found your restaurant of choice you can order and pay right through their website or app.  You’ll be alerted when

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Palm Beach County Commissioners met yesterday to discuss the possibility of starting to reopen Palm Beach County. Several other counties around Palm Beach County have received the okay from the Governor to begin Phase One of Reopening Florida. 

Currently Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County are excluded from Phase One of reopening Florida. Under Phase One, which started Monday, May 4th allows restaurants and retail shops to open at 25% capacity. 

Palm Beach County Commissioners met yesterday and agreed to ask Governor DeSantis in a letter for Palm Beach County to be included in Phase One of Reopening Florida.  Many of the commissioners were in favor of Phase One and said that “Palm Beach County shouldn’t delay entering the phase”

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Select parks and outdoor recreational facilities in West Palm Beach will reopen today, Tuesday, May 5th to the public with social distancing guidelines and CDC restrictions.  

Park Restrictions: 

  • Park hours limited to sunrise to sunset
  • Park is open for walking, biking, hiking, strolling, and running. Fishing, kayaking, canoeing, bike rentals, water skiing, wake boarding are also permitted as long as social distance is practiced.
  • All playgrounds, picnic areas, concession stands, camp grounds, dog parks, field sports, skate parks, organized sports, gymnasiums, aquatic splash zones, fitness areas, recreational buildings must remain closed. 
  • All Regional Parks, Community Parks, and Neighborhood Parks will open 
  • Tennis Courts and
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Today, Tuesday May 5th is both Cinco de Mayo and Taco Tuesday. Cinco de Mayo or May 5th, is an annual celebration to commemorate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862.  The Mexican Army was led under General Ignacio Zaragoza.

Cinco de Mayo is typically celebrated with tons of food, music, folkloric dancing, battle reenactments, parades and is honored and observed by many around the world. This year, mostly all Cinco de Mayo celebrations have been cancelled due to the pandemic but many local restaurants around northern Palm Beach County are open for take out for you to celebrate remotely. 

Papichulos Tacos: located at 1556 US Highway One, Jupiter

Calavera Cantina: located at 125 Dockside Circle,

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