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Big Dog Ranch Rescue and Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center is putting on the annual Big Dog Fat Cat fishing tournament on July 11-12 at Sailfish Marina to help raise money and save our furry friends.
It is estimated that each year approximately 3.7 million dogs and cats are suffering in our nation's shelters, more than 10,000 animals a day. Due to the down economy, shelters have increased their majority of animals by 20%. The vast majority of the proceeds from the Big Dog Fat Cat KDW Shootout will help our local pet population by donating to the Big Dog Ranch Rescue and Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center.
With your fishing skills and a fun day out on the water with friends and family, you can help the animals that deserve the best possible care. You

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Stand up Paddle Boards (SUP) has gained immense popularity throughout the waters of South Florida. South Florida has beautiful sandy beaches that stretch along the Atlantic coastline offering incredible Stand up Paddle Boarding opportunities. The pristine inland waters are a perfect background for touring, training, racing or one of the favorites of sports SUP fishing. These vessels are not boats and are more versatile than surfboards, offering many advantages for anglers, other nature lovers and fitness buffs.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding provides anglers and other nature lovers access through the shallow waters that are inaccessible to reach by boat and provide an higher angle of vision to be able to sight fish or other natural creatures luring through

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