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Beat the Heat with Healthy Ice Cream - Palm Beach County

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Monday, August 8th, 2022 at 11:44am.

Keep your eyes peeled for a light pink truck serving vegan ice cream. If you are looking for a cool treat in this Palm Beach County heat here is your answer! Angie’s Epicurean, located near The Wishing Tree at The Square. Every dessert and gourmet product is made from scratch with a health-oriented focus; catering cross-market to all dietary needs, including: kosher, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy free, non-GMO and plant based. Angie's Epicurean offers superior flavor, quality and culinary artisanry.

The Square is in downtown West Palm Beach. Angie’s Epicurean is a reimagined ice cream truck with a plant-based purpose. No artificial colors and additives of our childhood ice cream treats. "Creating treats with a health-oriented focus is Angie’s Passion". This pale-pink truck offers vegan ice cream with robust flavors and fresh ingredients ideal for today’s health-conscious consumers.  

Enjoy the pleasure of eating a healthy alternative to traditional ice cream. The vegan ice cream truck features a unique selection of toppings and sauces where you can combine everything and make your own scrumptious creation.  The company is a bright idea of gourmet sweets are constructed from the finest organic, plant-based ingredients and purveyed with exquisite style and design.

Visit Angie's Epicurean Ice Cream Truck at: 
The Square 
700 South Rosemary Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL, 33401

Find other Angie's locations here or call (305) 800-3433.  For more information please email: info@angiesepicurean.com




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