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Best Fishing Piers in the Palm Beaches | Waterfront Properties

Posted by Gerald Lombardo on Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 at 7:55am.

Palm Beach County is a popular destination for offshore fishing. Here you'll find Tarpon, Sailfish, Snook, Trout, and more. If you want to go fishing but don't feel like taking the boat out, the area has plenty of fishing piers. Here are the piers with the highest-rated Google reviews by fishermen.

Phil Foster Park

The fishing pier at Phil Foster is an amenity to a beautiful waterfront park. The pier is often shaded by the Blue Heron Bridge and stretches out over an area of possibly the clearest water in Palm Beach County. Because of this, the park is also a favorite for snorkelers and divers, but the pier reaches far out of their way. Right on the Intracoastal, you'll be able to see straight down to the bottom and find schools of Snook, Jack, and Sheepshead aplenty. Because this particular area is so filled with marine life, you'll also have the pleasure of seeing huge starfish, stingrays, reef fish, and more. It does not cost anything to enter the park or use the pier, which was rated 4.5 online. Click here for more info.

Juno Beach Fishing Pier

The Juno Pier is a 990-foot long fishing pier favorited by fishermen and spectators alike for how large it is and how far out over the water it extends. The pier has a full-service penthouse equipped with pole rentals, bait, tackle, snacks, and a gift store. The pier is managed by the Loggerhead Marinelife Center and kept clean and safe through the responsible pier initiative. The pier was also rated 4.6 online and charges a small entry fee of $1 for people just walking the pier enjoying scenic views, and $4 for those fishing. For more information click here.

Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier

This pier is an attraction on the beach drawing thousands every year. 980 feet long, the pier stretches out over the clear water of Deerfield Beach and has great fishing and small shark fishing. Spectators often stroll on the pier to see what is being caught and look over the beautiful view the pier offers. The pier also has a group and private fishing lessons and does community events like free fishing excursions for teens and occasional complimentary breakfasts. The 4.6-rated pier store sells fresh and frozen bait, t-shirts, ice, concessions, and more. Sightseers pay $1 to access the pier and fishermen pay $4. For more information click here.

William O. Lockhart Municipal Pier

This Lake Worth beach pier is a favorite for locals. The pier is 960 feet long and stands 20 feet above sea level, making it one of only two piers in the county standing that high, the other is the Juno Pier mentioned above. The pier includes a restaurant, bait and rod shop, benches, shaded areas, and fillet stations. Many reviewers say they like to walk the pier and hear fishermen's stories and watch them catch fish. Fishermen reviewed the pier highly saying they often went home with fresh fish for dinner, giving it a 4.3 rating. For more information, click here.

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