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Best Restaurants to Boat to in the Palm Beaches

Posted by Gerald Lombardo on Wednesday, December 18th, 2019 at 11:00am.

What’s better than a nice dinner with your family? How about BOATING to a nice dinner with your family! Here are some of the best restaurants in the Palm Beaches where you can dock n’ dine.

Seasons 52 

Big and bold, Seasons 52 is a popular chain restaurant offering gorgeous atmosphere, scrumptious and healthy meals and in the North Palm Beach location, stunning water vistas. You may arrive by boat or car to this trendy restaurant for cocktails and light bites or for a celebration with family and friends. Just north of the PGA bridge, you can cruise up to the seawall of Seasons 52 for the perfect night on the water.


An ideal destination for those who love to boat, fish or cruise the sandbars, Frigate’s offers everything you could want. With waterfront access and docks for guests to dock and dine, Frigate’s provides Caribbean and Floridian dishes with a fun and lively atmosphere. If you choose to just call in your order and pick it up at the dock, you can do that too. Keep your day on the water, on the water but with delicious Frigate’s fare by radioing in your order for dockside pickup! 

The Sailfish Marina

One of the most popular waterfront dining destinations is the beloved Sailfish Marina. It has been around for years and most locals and tourists have been here at least once. The Sailfish Marina overlooks a harbor of beautiful boats from center consoles to sportfishing yachts and then with the scene of Peanut Island in the background. You can walk the docks and look at the boats and the thousands of fish swimming in the shallow harbor as you wait for a table. The adjoining ship store offers the cutest apparel for men, women and children and gorgeous home décor. You can even buy fish food to feed the fish!

Waterway Café 

Another classic waterfront spot in North Palm Beach is the Waterway Café. Lively and always open for a good time, this local spot has been popular for decades. You can pull up on your boat at the public docks and before even making way into the restaurant you can stop for a refreshing drink as the sunsets. The Waterway Café is a must-try destination to get a real taste of Palm Beach County.

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