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A Harvard University study found that optimists are not only happier but 50% less likely to have heart disease, a heart attack or a stroke.    Decades of data indicate that people who are happy live longer and healthier lives.  Achieving contentment is something many people strive to achieve based on the $550 million Americans spend on self-help books and $1 billion on motivational speakers.

One explanation is behavioral.   Possibly, because optimists enjoy better health and live longer lives because they live healthier lifestyles.  These lifestyles lead to biological benefits such as lower stress hormones and less inflammation.  Now you have a reason to go outside and play a round of golf on some of the great golf courses in our area like Admirals Cove, BallenIsles, or PGA National.

Build up your social network. Studies show that loneliness leads to higher rates of depression, stress and cellular aging.  Telomeres are “the tiny caps on DNA chromosomes that indicate cellular age”.  The National Institute of Health conducted a study that indicated social support could slow down biological aging. Enjoy your family and friends!

Help others.  Volunteering time and money increases happiness by improving your sense of purpose, self-image and community.   Experts say people are inherently kind.  If time and money are not are not available to give, try performing an act of kindness.  The joy of helping others brings happiness.  The act of personal sacrifice is emotionally rewarding.  Give yourself the gift of happiness by helping someone else today!

Laughing is social and could make you healthier and happier.  Whether laughter actually improves your health is unclear, but it does improve your quality of life! 

Enjoy life, live in a beautiful city, and be happy!

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