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Buying A House in South Florida - Start with a Wish List

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Monday, April 10th, 2017 at 4:24pm.


When buying a new house its advisable to have a very innovative idea of what you’re looking for in your next home. The list may be a very long one, but you need to be realistic about what fundamentals are truly “wishes” and which ones are nonnegotiable.  Consider prerequisites as to the number of bedrooms, garages, a fenced yard for a pet, swimming pool, a specific school district, waterfront etc.

Once you’ve gathered up ideas for your new home you’ll need to make a list.  It can be accommodating to divide your list into categories.  Three categories such as nonnegotiable basics, shadowed by items that would be enjoyable to have and your dream features.

A suitable place to start is to figure out what properties are available in your price range and in the South Florida area you wish to live. A quick conversation with a real estate specialist, like the experts at Waterfront Properties and Club Communities, can narrow down your search relatively quickly. An experienced agent can search by price, number of bedrooms, location, and other variables to start narrowing down your possibilities.  Having an agent helping you can make the entire process much easier and less intimidating.

After choosing the right real estate agent, and making a wish list, proceed with your home search by:

1.    See how much you can afford.

2.    Get pre-approved.

3.    Attend open houses.

4.    Search homes for sale

5.    Make an offer.

6.    Inspect the home

7.    Close and get the keys.

8.    Live Happily Ever After!



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