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How To Keep A Puzzle Together Without Glue

Posted by Lacey Hagler on Thursday, March 26th, 2020 at 12:58pm.

So, the family is stuck at home bored, and you finished a 1000-piece puzzle you thought you would never even try. Now what? Maybe you want to move it off the dining room table, but don’t want to break it apart just yet. You could use Modge Podge to glue it together forever, OR you can keep it together temporarily with supplies you have at the house!

Here’s how to keep a puzzle together without glue!

When the puzzle is completed and assuming you put it together on top of a poster board, place a 2nd poster board (or very tight Saran Wrap) over the top of the completed puzzle and carefully (and I mean very carefully) flip the puzzle over. Hopefully you didn’t just flip the puzzle back into a thousand pieces, and you have it flat on its front.

“Ok, We flipped it! Now what?”

Once the puzzle is flipped, run wide tape across the back of the puzzle in horizontal strips. Cover the entire back, then you should be able to flip the puzzle back over! Now you have a puzzle that can be moved, but if you ever decide to break it up and start over, you have options!


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