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Jupiter Dog Beach

Posted by Lorea Thomson on Friday, April 23rd, 2021 at 12:09am.

Bring your dog to the beach. Welcome to Jupiter in North Palm Beach County where well behaved dogs and their conscientious owners are welcome on a 2 ½ mile stretch of magnificent beach! The beach that permits dogs starts at Beach Marker #25 located at Marcinski Road and proceeds north to Beach Marker #60.  Dogs are not allowed south of #25 in Juno Beach towards the pier. In Addition, crossover #43 is handicap accessible! Having dogs on the beach is a privilege, not a right. 

Please help keep the existing Town of Jupiter policy in effect by following these commonsense rules.

-        Keep dogs on leash or under control, always supervised. Always keep your pet on a leash from the car to the beach, around small children, at the water fountains & at crossovers.

-        Bring dogs to the beach early or late.  Less hot, less crowded and your dog will be less likely to overheat or burn paw pads.

-        Clean up after dogs with dog bags, provided at every beach crossover, or bring your own bags.

-        Do not bury poop or throw it in the dunes or water.

-        While off-leash, let dogs run in uncrowded areas.

-        Do not let dogs invade the space of others or go potty near other people.

-        Dogs are not allowed in lifeguarded areas or Town of Jupiter parks.  Respect any “no dogs allowed” signs.

-        Please do not litter. 

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