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Live in Luxury at Lost Tree Village

Posted by Unknown Blogger 80 on Monday, May 21st, 2012 at 3:13pm.

Lost Tree Village in North Palm Beach is a community within a community.

There is a well-appointed beach club that serves lunch and dinner throughout the week. There is a clubhouse for residents that is the perfect place for parties, receptions and fundraisers. And there is Lost Tree Chapel, which offers nondenominational worship services every Sunday throughout the season.

The North Palm Beach real estate has an 18-hole golf course with Mark McMahon’s design signature on it; the course later was updated by the legendary Jack Nicklaus, a Lost Tree Village resident.

The community swimming pool has food and drink service, the tennis courts have professional instructors, and the fitness center is staffed by personal trainers who offer everything from yoga to aerobics.

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