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Local Markets for Healthy Food and Groceries in the Palm Beaches

Posted by Gerald Lombardo on Monday, January 13th, 2020 at 7:35am.

While the Palm Beaches have no shortage of large, convenient supermarkets like Costco, Publix, and Walmart, it’s nice to know we also have smaller, specialized markets for special occasions and discerning local chefs.

Pinder’s Seafood

Perhaps the best place in all of Palm Beach County for fresh and local seafood is family-owned, Pinder’s Market. The second you walk into this small market place you will know you found seafood heaven. The glass refrigerators showcase the perfect and supremely fresh seafood in a way that resembles art. From colossal stone crab to local grouper and snapper to lobster, clams and oysters, Pinder’s has it all. The catch is brought in fresh daily and the assortment is astonishing. 

Everything at Pinder’s is delicious but what makes it so special are the rare finds. Most grocery stores do not offer the varieties of seafood Pinder’s does and once you shop here you will understand the difference. Not only can you buy from an amazing list of fresh seafood but you can also enjoy a freshly made sandwich for lunch, or a hot bowl of soup. Pinder’s even offers your grocery staples like eggs, milk, dry goods, fresh vegetables and homemade desserts. They even make homemade sauces and accouterments to go with whatever you’ve decided to purchase, like mustard sauce, cocktail sauces, smoked fish dips and more. It goes without saying, Pinder’s has it all.  

Carmine’s Market Place

The second you step in the door of Carmine’s Market Place you will be transported around Europe. The best wines from all over the world are racked nicely and framed with the classical bakery and deli offering classic Italian pastries, cookies, pizzas, sandwiches and more. Pass through this section of Carmine’s and into aisles of artisan cheeses and sausages, fresh-made soups and a rainbow of fruit and vegetables both locally grown and specially imported. Carmine’s offers its customers an array of mouth-watering ready to eat dishes for easy dinner prep or a quick lunch. Dishes like roasted beef tenderloin, mustard salmon, herb roast chicken, fresh pasta, salads and vegetables to accompany. If you’re looking for something to prepare yourself, the butchers and fishmongers have an incredible selection. The finest quality meats and seafood are available all year round for Carmine’s shoppers. 

What makes Carmine’s so special is its customer service and impeccability of its products. Carmine’s has everything from rare black truffles and quail eggs to freshly baked focaccia and soups. Even if you just want to look, don’t pass up Carmine’s market place as it is a feast for your eyes and appetite. 

Joseph’s Market

Joseph’s Market has locations in Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton, and now Delray Beach. Joseph’s is a great market for fresh ingredients, as well as fully prepared meals, deli desserts, or catering. Either way, if you are looking for something Italian, you can’t go wrong with Joseph’s Market.

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