Whether you are a vegetarian or not, a healthy lifestyle is essential to long and healthy life.  In general, most vegetarian diets are low in cholesterol, saturated fats, high in fiber and folate, with zero animal protein.  It has been studied that in western countries most vegetarians live longer than most non-vegetarians live. They have substantially reduced risks for heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and reduced risks for such cancers, particularly lung cancer and colon cancer.

Not all vegetarians eat clean.  Many replace protein with high fat cheeses and junk food.   After all, there is no meat in brownies, chips and ice cream.  One can easily consume large quantities of high sugar, carbohydrates and fats. If meat proteins are not…

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The “Great Florida Reef” is the only living coral barrier reef in the continental United States.  It is the third largest coral reef on the planet.  Florida is the only state that has wide-ranging shallow coral reefs along the coastline.  The Florida Reef Track expanses 358 miles.  These reefs are habitats for a multitude of plants and sea life, providing shelter, breeding grounds, and nourishment.

A natural coral reef occurs in specific environmental conditions. The favorable environmental conditions required for the growth of a natural coral reef are rather warm, clear waters, a solid configuration for attachment, low phosphate and nitrogen nutrients as well as water movement (waves).

Microsoft co-founder and marine conservationist Paul…

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Its seems the majority of the public is bound to their smartphone.  It is anticipated within the next two years a smartphone could be your only computer.  The original (mass marketed to the public) smartphones of 2011 and 2012 were not powerful enough to accomplish all our computer needs.

Consumer trends industry expert and Chief Researcher Carolina Milanesi feels we will not all need desktops. She stated, “Some of us already don’t.” Thanks to increased processing power, better battery life, vastly improved networking speeds, and larger screen sizes on mobile devices, the shift away from the desktop is accelerating. Nevertheless, battery power is not powerful enough.

Solar energy may be the solution.  An environmentally aware company based in…

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Forbes Magazine released its list of “Best Buy Cities: Where to Invest in Housing 2016” and Floridian cities have made the list.

Seven of the “sunshine state’s” metropolitan areas have made their name in the top 20 spots on this list. The Floridian cities that have made this list include: Orlando (No. 2), Fort Lauderdale (No. 8), Cape Coral (No. 10), Sarasota (No. 12), Tampa (No. 14), Jacksonville (No. 18) and West Palm Beach (No. 19).

These strong statistics indicate a correlation between, strong job growth in Florida and the rise in home prices. From 2014 to 2015 Florida experienced a job growth of 2.93%, which was the best among large states, even edging out California’s 2.90%. Because of the robust job growth, real estate investment also grows.


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This Sunday, January 31, will be the fourth annual Ibis Charities Care and Share Food Drive. The premier West Palm Beach Country Club, Ibis Golf and Country Club, offers some of the top golf and country club real estate in southern Florida. This local event of good will and generosity has become the largest food drive of any community in Palm Beach County, according to the Palm Beach County Food Bank.

This year’s Ibis Charities Care and Share Food Drive is sure to make an impact! Over the past three years, the food drive has brought in over 51,000 pounds of food and almost $25,000 just from resident’s donations and hard work. All of the food and money raised at the event is given to the Palm Beach County Food Bank as well as the Grove Park Elementary…

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The celebrated photographer, Bill Cunningham will have some of his photos on display from January 23rd to March 3rd at the Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach. The collection is called “Facades” and has been a recognized collection organized by the New York Historical Society.

In 1968, seasoned photographer Bill Cunningham began an eight-year project to “document the architectural riches and fashion history of New York City. The project paired models – in particular his muse, fellow photographer Editta Sherman – in period costumes with historic settings.”

There will be about 80 original and enlarged photos of Cunningham’s on display. His work has been described as “whimsical yet bold” and is meant to inspire a different perspective of New York’s past to…

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The Food Network, Cooking Channel, along with Food and Wine present the 15th season of epicurean delights in South Beach. The South Beach Wine and Food Festival will be presented February 24-28, 2016 in sunny Miami Beach.

The festival, spanning both Miami – Dade and Broward counties, presents over 80 events featuring a plethora of options  for you to hand pick your favorite wine, spirits and food.  Top food and wine experts will host cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, pairings, gourmet dinners and seminars.  Past food and wine experts, like Emeril Lagasse, Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay, Martha Stewart and others have highlighted the four-day decadent festival.

The South Beach Wine & Food Festival has so many options to delight in such as late night…

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  Image courtesy of CONTINUUM West Palm Beach Art.

CONTINUUM WPB, presented by the West Palm Beach Arts and Entertainment District, is located at the new “Naked Stage Theater” 522 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach. This pop up art gallery and performance space is open through January 30, 2016.

The West Palm Beach Arts and Entertainment District is an integrated collection of inspiring arts and theater venues; art and history museums; galleries; libraries; performing arts companies; and art education foundations. Situated in the heart of South Florida’s most progressive city, West Palm Beach, the District includes more than 20 distinct and notable cultural destinations that form an exceptional industry collection.

CONTINUUM WPB kicked off January…

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Jupiter Town Council members and Charles Modica (Love Street project developer) came to a mutually agreeable decision last week.  Both parties agreed that the Love Street Development needed to be scaled back.  The Council has rescheduled decision making until at least April 2016.

The project originally included a restaurant/fish market overlooking the Jupiter Inlet plus a 45-foot tall observation tower.  The initial plan included 20 two-story buildings featuring retail, office and restaurants. Above the offices, shops and restaurants on the second level were to be small vacation rental apartments.  Additionally, the plan included a parking garage to accommodate 200 cars.

Modica is quoted as saying “We’ll come back with a better project (for…

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Properties with "perks" have always been a stand out in the real estate market.  Architects have masterfully designed homes with al fresco kitchens, resort style pools and cascading waterfalls, wine cellars and unparalleled home theaters.  Sometimes amenities are just unusual think hydraulic lift transports in the garage to allow double level parking – exotic cars upper level and daily driving cars lower level or hi-tech home security and monitoring panels.  The luxurious amenities available are countless.  If you dream it, they can make it happen!  

Some of the most sought after homes listed feature guest cottages and outdoor living areas containing such open-air amenities as summer kitchens with sub-zero refrigerators and state of art appliances.…

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