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Palm Beach County is known as a worldwide vacation destination, but if you love temperate weather, gorgeous beaches, and amenities like golfing, fine dining, or fishing, it is also one of the most desirable places to live in the world.

Based on Census and FBI data about jobs, housing, safety, amenities, affordability, diversity, education, and commute, 3 out of 10 of the “Best Places to Live in Florida” are actually located in Palm Beach County – Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, and Tequesta.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is known for being the winter getaway destination for those who enjoy relaxing on the beach with luxury dining and sophisticated fashion boutiques and art galleries a stone’s throw away. This chic barrier island is the easternmost town in

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 Bing Crosby said it best: “There’s no place like home for the holidays”. What about a new home for the holidays? If you’ve been looking for a new home in Palm Beach County now is a great time to get the house you’ve had your eye on.

Some folks think this time of year is not ideal with back to back holidays, family and traditions. However, other knowledgeable home buyers know that this is fantastic time to pick up great housing deals. According to the National Association of Realtors, real estate agents report that November through February is an opportunist chance to purchase real estate.  This time of year brings in buyers who know they’re in for an exciting deal by acquiring property when no one else considers the opportunity.

Amongst other

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Palm Beach is one of the most prestigious towns in South Florida. Located in Palm Beach County on a barrier island just east of West Palm Beach, it is surrounded by stunning beaches, the Intracoastal Waterway, and features some of the most beautiful estate homes in the world. Residents enjoy boating, private docks and marinas, golfing on lush courses, and shopping on Worth Avenue, which features exclusive high-end designer shops and boutiques, art galleries, and an array of upscale gourmet restaurants. Palm Beach’s tropical climate attracts people year round, making it an ideal destination for both permanent and seasonal residents. Here are a few prime destinations worth a visit while you're on the island!

The Flagler Museum


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Twenty-Seven Waterfront agents were recognized for having sold $10 million or more last year.

Evidencing the utility of Waterfront Properties’ brokerage-supplied agent resources, more than a third of its 75 real estate agents were named to 2018’s Captain’s Club. Twenty-seven agents were recognized for having sold $10 million or more as an individual agent, or on average as part of a dedicated sales team. This factors in private sales, the Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”), and referral transactions.

“Data doesn’t lie,” Waterfront Owner Rob Thomson said. “Our model works for every agent willing to buy into and utilize the system. Every year we want to have more Captain’s Club members than the year before.”

Captain’s Club members cited some

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When your real estate agent won’t invite you to meet their marketing team, there likely isn’t one. When you visit Waterfront Properties corporate office it will be obvious that Waterfront is as much a marketing firm with expert knowledge and a budget to focus on a sale of your property as it is a real estate brokerage.

The Waterfront Advantage

The last word that could ever be used to describe Waterfront Properties is ordinary. At Waterfront’s marketing headquarters, a diligent and enthusiastic staff works hand-in-hand with real estate agents. Together, they collaborate to expertly market their sellers’ properties and reach buyers all over the world. Don’t assume this is the norm in every real estate office.

David Abernathy, Business Manager

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Waterfront’s significant digital footprint gives sellers’ properties exposure around the world. Whether it’s a local buyer, a reliable feeder market like the Northeastern U.S., or Europe and Canada, if you work with Waterfront, your property is guaranteed to be seen by an enormous number of qualified and interested buyers.

“I get it,” says Rob Thomson, owner of Waterfront Properties, “It feels good to see your property advertised on the pages of your favorite glossy magazine or local newspaper. It does create a little buzz. Your friends telling you that they saw your property makes you feel good. But it won’t sell your home.” That is why Waterfront Properties uses more than just print advertising.

Waterfront Properties made the decision to

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When remodeling or purchasing a home, quality materials make a difference in resale value, aesthetics, and upkeep. Kitchen countertops may seem like a minute detail, but with the increase in trend of “islands” and breakfast bars, kitchens have become one of the most social family areas of today’s homes. With so many different countertop applications, making a decision on which is best for you can be confusing, which is why we’ve outlined a few natural stone products considered premium or high-end offering a unique yet sophisticated appearance. From granite to onyx, here are a few descriptions to help you determine your preference. 


One of the most common high-end countertop applications is granite, particularly because it is highly

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No matter what your dining room looks like, what matters most is the people around the table! We're thankful for working year-round to help families find their perfect home for the holidays. Here are a few dining rooms from some of our favorite listings for interior design inspiration!

From our families to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


1160 S Ocean Blvd, Manalapan

This oceanfront dining room features dark wood, rose-colored walls, a marble floor, a traditional crystal chandelier, and gold accents.


430 S Beach Road, Hobe Sound

This Jupiter Island dining room on the intracoastal compliments Florida’s lush landscaping with tropical print chairs to match the drapes, and energetic splashes of green and blue.


5241 Pennock

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Living in Southeast Florida is a dream come true. A seemingly endless summer.  Live life like it’s one long weekend. Perhaps its to early to quit your job and run away from all responsibilities but you can get as close as it gets to the island life vibe here in the Palm Beaches.

We all have thought about it occasionally while sitting in a horrendous traffic jam, a boring meeting, or even as you’re shoveling snow out of the driveway, your thoughts turn to paradise. Walking along the beach, drinking frozen umbrella drinks from coconut shells, and never having cold feet again that a pair of socks and flips flops can’t warm up.  Oh, the smile on your face as drive to work along a beach road or winding intracoastal drive.

The fact of it is while some

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 Old Palm Golf Club is an upscale, gated, golf community located in Palm Beach Gardens. Old Palm is laden with natural preserves, waterfalls as well as abundant tropical foliage, natural preserves. Old Palm is one of the few communities in Northern Palm Beach County that offers one-acre home sites.

Mediterranean architecture influences the golf estates, grand estates, and custom homes. It is a sophisticated community with a casual elegance.  The amenities at Old Palm round out with a Raymond Floyd designed championship golf course, well-appointed clubhouse, and state-of-the-art fitness center.  Old Palm is one of the few communities in north end of Palm Beach County that offers one-acre home sites.

From an enthusiastic recreational golfer to

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