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Palm Beach International (PBI) Airport announced it achieved GBAC STAR facility accreditation, ensuring proper cleaning protocols, disinfection techniques, and work practices are in place to combat biohazards and infectious diseases.

This facility accreditation, which is administered by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council, a Division of ISSA, properly equips PBI for effectively combating reoccurring biohazards or infectious disease risks. 

PBI is the second airport in the United States and the first airport in Florida to receive the GBAC STAR facility accreditation.

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According to U.S. News, Florida residents can breathe easy knowing they live in the state with the best natural environment in the nation, placing number one overall for drinking water quality, urban air quality, and low pollution health risk.

The World Health Organization states that air pollution is a major environmental health risk, and by living in areas with high air quality, people can reduce the burden of disease from stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, chronic and acute respiratory diseases, and even dementia.

While the sunshine state may be best known for gorgeous beaches, oranges, and Hawaiian-shirted retirees, Florida also leads the country with lowest air and water pollutants. With the sea breeze sweeping over mostly flat terrain in a

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Did you know that the Sunshine State is one of the top retirement destinations in the word? From its great weather, arts and cultural destinations, and beautiful beaches, this state proves an irresistible destination to those looking to relocate before or after retirement. However, one outstanding factor that separates Florida from the rest is the state’s tax friendliness. Take a more in-depth look at the tax breaks and financial benefits here. This is your chance to take full advantage of what Florida has to offer!


Florida is one of only seven states that have no personal income tax. It’s no wonder residents of highly taxed states like New York find living here so attractive! For those that are still working, Florida is the best

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Let’s face it – working from home is the new normal for a lot of people right now. While it may be tempting to bring your laptop to bed or sit at the kitchen counter with the TV filling background noise, you will be much more productive if you designate a home office that is completely separate from the rest of the house. That being said, there’s no reason why you can’t have a relaxing view or use a stand-up desk to keep your blood pumping. Here are a few at-home offices we love!

12227 TILLINGHAST CIR, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

1160 S OCEAN BLVD, Manalapan, FL 33462


377 EAGLE DR, Jupiter, FL 33477


12235 TILLINGHAST CIR, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418


11952 S EDGEWATER DR, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

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As we all navigate the “new normal”, future homeowners have started to navigate their own priority lists as they search for their new home. Here are three ways that sellers can attract the “new normal” homebuyer: 

Work From Home Spaces

Home offices have always been on the list for some, but now, more than ever, a dedicated space is a must have for home searchers. The new dedicated work from home workspace must be fully functionable and as impressive as a regular office space. proper seating, work surfaces, lighting, acoustics, and temperature control are all things to think about when building a home office to impress.

Reimagined Layout

For most of the Aughts, an open, multi-use, layout has been the desired floorplan, however, builders are

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There are a few things to consider when purchasing a grill for your backyard. First, do you prefer gas, charcoal, or wood burning?

Gas grills are more efficient, cleaner, and easier to use than charcoal grills. Also, if you can hook up to a hard line of natural gas, there’s no need to ever replace propane tanks. However, some people enjoy the smoky flavor that comes with a wood-burning grill.

Second, grill size depends on how much food you’ll be cooking at once. If the answer is “a lot”, then you need a model with at least 1,000 square inches of total cooking area. If you’re only looking for something to cook a few hot dogs here and there, then a smaller two-burner grill should do the trick.

Third, which accessories will you actually use? Between

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Beautifully nestled in the heart of the Palm Beaches, Singer Island provides a unique sanctuary of unparalleled privacy and luxury. Between the soft sand beaches and the incomparable sunrises, just a few days on Singer Island will convert you into a permanent resident in a hurry. Here are a few reasons why Singer Island should be your new dream location for your new dream home! 


Located just North of Palm Beach Island, and just south of Jupiter Island and Juno Beach, Singer Island is just minutes from downtown West Palm Beach and the Palm Beach International Airport. While Singer Island residents are less than fifteen minutes away from the best shopping, dining, and entertainment in the area, Singer Island itself retains a comfortably

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It’s not a surprise that color is a huge component of how we experience our environment, but are you taking that into account when you choose colors for your home? You may love a white room, but did you know you may be inadvertently making a room less cozy and too sterile with too much white? Or that green is the perfect choice for an entryway because it eases the transition from the outdoors?

Modern color psychology dates back to its origins in the early 19th century with a scholarly book known as Theory of Colors. Though there is some debate regarding the implications of certain shades, researchers, interior designers and marketing professionals seem to agree on these basic tenants:

Red: Symbolizes power and passion. It can be used to warm up

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A beach house can be pure pleasure to own and live in, and it is a life-long dream for most Floridians or transplants (people who move to Florida from other states or countries).  They make great second homes and investment properties for the family to enjoy or rent out weekly during high season.

Does your beach house need a little sprucing up? Or do you plan on buying one that you’d like to remodel? Here are 10 beach house decorating ideas that are fresh as a summer breeze.

1. Ditch the Theme

Your beach house should be a calming display of modern or classic relaxation, not an ornate Pottery Barn showroom. Instead of cluttering the walls and countertops with shells, think of subtle hints that nod to the beachy vibe, like including sandy or coral

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Houseplants add a lushness and splash of organic color to any room. However, many species can be toxic to cats and dogs who may decide to munch on a leaf or two. Luckily, there are a few plants that can add beauty to your home without posing a threat to man’s best friend. These houseplants are safe for cats and dogs according to the ASPCA, but since the consumption of any plant material may cause vomiting and gastrointestinal upset, it's still best to keep all houseplants out of reach.  

Spider Plant


Calathea or Prayer Plant


Polka Dot Plant


Moth Orchid


Parlor Palm


Lipstick Plant


Friendship Plant


Christmas Cactus


Air Plant


African Violet

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