It is exciting times down here in South Florida as Formula 1 (F1) has made its way to the Sunshine State once again. As the sport becomes more global, we as Floridians are extremely fortunate to be one of only three United States destinations that get to witness part of the season live and in person. This weekend has a lot in store and is sure to be thrilling, so here is everything you need to know about the Miami Grand Prix and F1 as a whole. 

First off, to explain Formula 1 to someone that does not know what it is, in simple terms think of Nascar but instead of going around in circles for a couple hours you have an open-cockpit one seat car that reaches speeds of 200 plus MPH as they make their way through a track with straights and turns. With races…

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If you are tired of waiting around at crowded gyms just to use one machine or your at home fitness routine is missing something, then it might be time to build the ultimate fitness center right in the comfort of your own home. Gyms can increase the value of any property, so here are a few ways you can create the ideal home gym. 

Invest in Quality Equipment: When it comes to what equipment you should buy, I would start by researching different brands/companies that you think align with your workout routine. Make sure you are going with quality over cost effectiveness. The price might be high, but the investment is worth it. No one wants equipment breaking down on them after repeated usage. 

Plan Your Layout: This might be the most overlooked step but…

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Nothing is quite as exhilarating and freeing like taking to the open road on your bicycle while you whizz past palm trees and the ocean breeze kisses your face. You think to yourself how can life get better than this? Well, the answer is by having an electronic bike. Not only will this change the way you move, but it will take your rides to new heights. In Palm Beach County, with its spectacular weather paired with ample opportunities to ride, this is the perfect environment for you to enjoy the thrill of an E-Bike.

The joys of owning an E-Bike are hard to put into words until you try it for yourself. The bike, depending on which one you have, can reach great speeds because of its pedal assist. This is not your regular manual six speed; we are talking…

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If you live in the area but aren't a member at PGA National, then here's an excellent chance to play the Championship Course (the course that hosts the Cognizant Classic, previously the Honda Classic) while benefiting one of the most beloved organizations in Palm Beach County: Big Dog Ranch Rescue. Not a golfer? No problem, there's tennis, pickleball, and a gala.

The Tico Torres Celebrity 2024 Celebrity Golf, Tennis, and Pickleball Classic

The 2024 Tico Torres Celebrity Golf, Tennis, and Pickleball Classic has already drawn attention from some big names: Jon Bon Jovi, Darius Rucker, Hurricane Tyra Black, Huey Lewis, Ottis Anderson, Lawrence Taylor, George Lopez, some local legends from the Miami Dolphins, and more.

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Want to kick back and enjoy a ride without worrying about traffic? Want to have a couple drinks at the tournament? The new Brightline connection might be the way to go for you. Leaving from West Palm Beach, the Brightline to Orlando will take you about 2 hours and 15 minutes, which is 15 to 30 minutes faster than driving without traffic. With traffic, who knows how much time you could save as you head towards the highly anticipated 2024 Arnold Palmer Invitational. 

a golf course in Orlando, Florida

The Journey Begins: West Palm Beach to Orlando

Depending on where you live in Palm Beach County, getting to the Brightline station in West Palm is very easy, and there's a dedicated parking garage right across the street from the station. If you've never taken the Brightline before,…

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Once again, it is time to dust off the old baseball cap because Spring Training is back in Palm Beach County! As fans from all over the country plan their trips and make their way down to the Sunshine State to get a preview of their respective teams, residents of Palm Beach County have the luxury of not only having two stadiums in close proximity, but also four teams to go and cheer for in 2024. 

Like I said, Palm Beach County is home to not one, but two premier stadiums for Spring Training action: Cacti Park of the Palm Beaches and Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium. These venues serve as the preseason homes for four Major League Baseball teams: the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals who play in West Palm Beach, and the Miami Marlins and St. Louis…

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With the Super Bowl this upcoming weekend, it is time to kick off the festivities and prepare your home for the ultimate game day experience. Whether you are a die-hard football fan or just in it for the commercials, hosting a Super Bowl party can be a blast with the right preparation. Here are some tips to get your house ready for the big game: 

Outdoor Oasis: Take advantage of Florida's beautiful weather by setting up an outdoor viewing area. Clean off the patio furniture, set up a few extra chairs, and consider renting a projector for a larger than life viewing experience under the stars. If you have a pool, make it the focal point of your party by setting up a bar area nearby stocked with drinks and snacks. Do not forget about some towels for…

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Are you ready for some professional tennis right here in South Florida? Well, look no further than the Delray Beach Open, a premier tennis tournament that promises excitement, entertainment, and unparalleled hospitality. Set against the backdrop of beautiful Delray Beach, this tournament has become a must-attend for tennis fans, drawing over 60,000 spectators annually. 

From February 9th to 11th, the tournament will open up with the ATP Legends Event. With players who were former World No. 1’s and Grand Slam finalist, expect nothing short of extraordinary matches filled with skill and nostalgia. 

From February 10th to the 18th, The ATP 250 Event will be the star of the show, featuring today's top-ranked ATP professionals battling it out on the…

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If you are a pickleball enthusiast looking to take your game to the next level, consider making the move to the sunny state of Florida. Beyond its pristine beaches, Florida offers an ideal environment for pickleball aficionados to hone their skills and elevate their game. 

One of the key factors contributing to Florida's allure for pickleball players is its year-round favorable weather. Unlike many other states, Florida boasts a tropical climate that ensures you can play outdoors virtually every day of the year. With consistent sunshine and warm temperatures, the weather creates the perfect setting for regular practice and skill refinement. Say goodbye to seasonal interruptions and overcrowded indoor facilities. 

The abundance of outdoor courts in…

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As the golden years approach, the search for the perfect retirement destination becomes a significant milestone and decision. Look no further than Palm Beach County, Florida, a retirees dream that stands out among the many other options across the United States. Here is why retiring to Palm Beach County is an unrivaled choice. 

First and foremost, Palm Beach County boasts a climate that is the envy of the country. With an average of 230ish sunny days per year, retirees can bid farewell to harsh winters and embrace a lifestyle bathed in perpetual sunshine. The temperate climate allows for year-round outdoor activities, from leisurely strolls along pristine beaches to rounds of golf on world-class courses. 

Beyond the weather, Palm Beach County offers…

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