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The Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department is celebrating 50 years of providing healthy, joyful living to residents and visitors to Palm Beach County. The recreation department is recognized nationally for excellence in park and recreation management. Palm Beach County Parks operates more than 110 parks and recreational facilities and provides organized recreational programs and services for people of all ages and abilities. 

PBC Parks and Recreation ‘Parks for Pollinators BioBlitz’ Begins September 1 through 30, 2022. This event is aimed at raising public awareness about the importance of pollinators and the role parks play in advancing pollinator health and native habitat. Residents are encouraged to participate in the national Parks…

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Did you know that the Mirasol Country Club produces its own honey? As part of its efforts as a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, the Country Club at Mirasol has begun harvesting its own honey. The affluent country club in Palm Beach Gardens has been given the approval to place beehives throughout the 2300-acre community to use the honey for culinary operations, spot treatments, and salon products. This truly is a 'BUZZ-worthy" project.

The club currently houses twenty beehives throughout the 2,300-acre community, producing more than 430 pounds to the sweet nectar over the past 12 months. The honey produced from these beehives will be used in the Club's culinary operations, from marinades and appetizers to desserts and cocktails the club…

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Due South Brewing is a local craft-beer maker which brews everything on site at its Boynton Beach taproom.  Due South Brewing, 2900 High Ridge Road #3 Boynton Beach will be celebrating its ninth anniversary with a special event highlighting their unique crafts.

Owners of Sierra’s Bees, 14720 128th Avenue North, Palm Beach Gardens, heard Due South Brewing was searching for honey for a new craft beer.  One of the brewers was hunting on property owned by the beekeepers in Palm Beach Gardens and donated 100 pounds of Saw Palmetto honey to the brewery.

They harvested the honey from 500 hives on their 12.6-acre farm and other apiaries in Palm Beach and Martin counties. They put the “bee” in “beer,” and are collaborating with Due South Brewing on the…

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Hani Honey Company, located at 5219 S.E. Ebbtide Avenue, Stuart, Martin County, is a family owned apiary.  An apiary is a location where beehives of honeybees are kept. “tending bees with care and placing the girls in optimal foraging environments to harvest fresh, Florida local, delicious, award winning Wildflower Honey”.  Hani Honey Company specializes in producing honey from whatever is blooming in the region every season. It is an all-natural process without heat allowing all the of the bees amazing work to remain in the natural honey.

Beekeeping, or apiculture, is the care of honeybees that ensures that they produce more honey than they can use. An apiary typically consists of many separate beehives. Hani Honey apiaries are in Martin, St.…

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