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AquaGrille is a recently opened seafood restaurant located at 14121 U.S. Highway One, Juno Beach. AquaGrille introduces a "contemporary, coastal American dining experience set in a cool, modern, beach house-inspired décor". It has a fantastic location just a couple blocks from the sparkling blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is an amazing dining experience from start to finish. AquaGrille is one of the most exciting, new restaurants in Palm Beach County. Enjoy plenty of great house cocktails, beer on tap, champagne, and a nice wine selection. The eatery offers an abundance of seafood options, Wagyu steaks, vegetarian options and more. Check out the full menu here.

Meet friends at AquaGrille for their Social Hour. The Social Hour is held in

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Ready or not Southeast Florida the holidays are quickly approaching.  In Just a couple of weeks, Thanksgiving will be here.  Time to start planning for the annual feast.  We are thankful for Abraham Lincoln’s declaration of a national holiday back in 1863, he proclaimed the last Thursday of November to be Thanksgiving Day.  

Some interesting and quirky facts about Thanksgiving Day:

Americans prepare 46 million turkeys for Thanksgiving each year. The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line, 1-800-BUTTERBALL, answers almost 100,000 calls and text messages each season for all your cooking needs.  Americans eat a lot of turkeys, specifically, 22 million turkeys are eaten on Christmas and 19 million turkeys on Easter.

On Thanksgiving Day, Americans eat an

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The Dinner Detective is an experience unlike any other! This is an interactive, comedy/murder mystery dinner theater located within the Hilton Palm Beach Airport Hilton in West Palm Beach. It offers an amazing murder mystery show paired with a fantastic four-course plated dinner. Solve a hilarious mystery while you feast on a fantastic dinner. Just beware! The culprit is hiding in plain sight somewhere in the room, and you may find yourself as a prime suspect before you know it!

From the very beginning of the dinner event all the actors are hidden within the audience and are not dressed in costume. Anyone in the room can end up being part of the show, including YOU!  The actors are not dressed in costume so keep your eyes open. This results in an

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