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Palm Beach County is an excellent area for a romantic kiss and it doesn’t have to include a fancy restaurant. Kissing is one of the most significant displays of affection in a romantic relationship.  It is considered the ultimate in closeness.  The moment the lips touch, you are sending out messages of intimacy. Kissing is an act of emotion.

As the sun starts setting across the Lake Worth Lagoon and Downtown West Palm Beach it becomes quite the romantic scene. Early sunset calls for a leisurely stroll along the Palm Beach Lake Trail and Bike Path in Palm Beach. Choose a quiet bench with your paramour and take in the views of the water.  Just as the sun begins to set, move in for a kiss.

For another idea try an early evening picnic at the beach.

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This coming Saturday, deep in the beautiful, Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Hobe Sound, will be an evening event of stargazing, delicious food, live music and friends. Held by the “Friends of Jonathan Dickinson State Park is “An Evening Under The Stars.” 

Park members and non-park members are invited to join in on this incredible evening. Tucked back in the darkest part of the park will be a party. The party will offer tasty BBQ, refreshing drinks, live music and games BUT the star of the show will be the high powered and ultra high tech telescopes. The Astronomical Society of the Palm Beaches will provide these super telescopes. 

The purpose of hosting the party in the darkest part of the park is to be the furthest away from any light pollution

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Jonathan Dickinson State Park was named for a Quaker merchant from Port Royal, Jamaica. Jonathan Dickinson was born in 1663.  Dickinson was shipwrecked on the southeast coast of Florida in 1696.  He was traveling with his family, his slaves, other passengers, and crewmembers of the ship. Hostile Native American Indians captured them on the Jupiter coastline.

In his journal, Dickinson recounted his family’s encounter with the Native Americans and their 230-mile journey to St. Augustine. The party was held captive by Jobe ("Hoe-bay") Indians. Dickinson and his family, which included his wife, Mary, their six-month-old son, Jonathan, and his ten slaves, took route on the ship Reformation. The Reformation unintentionally separated from the other ships

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Jonathan Dickinson State Park has long been prized as one of the jewels of Florida. The famous park is a Florida State Park and historic site in Martin County Florida. 

Located just south of Stuart and north of Hobe Sound, this park teems with wildlife in 13 natural communities, including sand pine scrub, pine flat woods, mangroves, and river swamps. The variety and health of these natural environments at Jonathan Dickinson State Park are what make this place so special. Teeming with wildlife, the park is the perfect place to come for a hike, take photos, kayak and explore what Florida’s true ecosystems are like. 

Running throughout the park is the iconic The Loxahatchee River, Florida's first federally designated Wild and Scenic River.Ranger-guided

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Photo Credit David Abernathy.

Jonathan Dickinson State Park just north of Jupiter, in Hobe Sound, is a natural wildlife park worthy of exploring with the entire family.  The park offers two full facility campgrounds and a youth/group simple campground.  The park itself rests several miles off the coastal shores of South Florida.  Almost 11,500 acres of land and Loxahatchee River host thirteen ecological communities from swamps to pine flatwoods, a “biological community so rare it is designated “globally imperiled”.

The park offers incredible views from a 124-foot observation tower overlooking the forest, the Intracoastal Waterway and the sparkling blue Atlantic Ocean. 

Running through the park is the Loxahatchee River.  Loxahatchee means

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