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Come out to the West Palm Beach Public Library for free tai-chi lessons. At some point in our lives we all desire balance. The art embracing the mind, body and spirit was created in Ancient China. Tai chi and yoga are some of the most effective exercises for mind body and health. 

The ancient study of Tai-Chi’s purpose is to nurture life energy, known as “qi”, and to train it within oneself to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body. Tai Chi develops more leg strength and yoga is core strength stabilized by arms and legs. Yoga focuses on static core strength and flexibility. Tai Chi applies that core strength by engaging power through the hips.

Tai Chi lessons are offered FREE on Friday mornings at the Mandel Public Library, located at

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After being closed for renovations, one of the oldest libraries around is now back open. The Gioconda and Joseph King Library at The Society of the Four Arts, which also serves as home of the Palm Beach Library, reopened this past week after some restoration work.

The Four Arts King Library offers a collection of over 70,000 publications, periodicals, DVDs, and other media. While it serves as the town library for Palm Beach, the library welcomes people who don't live on the island through a variety of membership programs. The library offers book discussion groups several times a month along with other events and programs.

In addition to the main library, the Society of the Four Arts also offers a Children's Library. The Children's Library provides

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