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All sandbars, islands, and shorelines in Palm Beach County will be closed for Memorial Day weekend, including Beer Cann Island and sandbar, Peanut Island and sandbar, Munyon Islands, and Jupiter and Tequesta sandbars, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

Rafting and flotillas, as well as tying, roping of boats to each other is prohibited. This includes all boats, kayakers and paddle boarders.

The sheriff's office said that vessels may anchor in deep water and must be 50-feet apart from each other.

Violations of the Emergency Order can result in civil fine, arrest and seizure of assets.

For more information, click here.

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Every year in South Florida, people flock to their boats, the beach, and backyard pools to fly American flags, grill hotdogs, and celebrate good old fashioned American freedom in the sunshine, but do you know what Memorial Day really represents?

Less than half of Americans know the true meaning behind Memorial Day, according to a new survey.

The survey revealed that 57% of respondents did not know the true meaning of Memorial Day, so we’re here to help clear this up!

Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. The holiday honoring all military veterans in which people are obliged to “thank you for your service” is actually Veterans Day.

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Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in May.  It was formerly known as “Decoration Day” and it commemorates all men and women who have died in military service for the United States of America.  Many people visit cemeteries and memorials on Memorial Day and it is known as the informal start of the summer season!

This Memorial Day weekend try something that involves beach, fun and sand.Peanut Island, the 80-acre tropical island located at the west end of the Palm Beach (Lake Worth) Inlet. It’s a get-there-by-only-boat county park, where long strings of boats raft up while hundreds of people socialize in the shallow off-shore water.

If you don’t have your own boat, you can still get to Peanut Island.  The Peanut Island Shuttle leaves from

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