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If you live in Florida, odds are you already know all of this. But, if you've never been here, then it’s common to confuse Palm Beach and West Palm Beach. The simple difference is that Palm Beach is the barrier island across the Intracoastal Waterway from West Palm Beach, which is part of mainland Florida. Now, there are several large differences between Palm Beach vs West Palm Beach, and it all started when the area was first developed by Henry Flagler. We’re going to try to start by quickly giving you some background on these differences, so if you’re looking for the modern-day differences, scroll down a bit. 

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The Histories of Palm Beach vs West Palm Beach

When Henry Flagler came down to Florida from New York in the late 1800s, he had the goal…

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Since the days of Henry Flagler, Palm Beach has been the ultimate winter getaway town; but over the past few years, it has seen a growing number of year-round visitors and residents. When people are here, they’re on island time, mostly looking to relax, unwind, lay on the beach, shop, and eat excellent food. Brunch on Palm Beach is a pastime. Palm Beach has some of the most upscale, endless buffets you’ll find anywhere, but it also has laid-back diners that serve up excellent classics. Especially in Palm Beach, brunch is a social event, a culinary delight, and in most cases, an experience that combines exquisite food with a stunning atmosphere. If you’re looking to try someplace amazing, then here is our take on the best brunch in Palm Beach.

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Stone crab season in Florida is a highly anticipated period that runs annually from October 15th through May 1st, marking a significant phase for local cuisine and culture.  Stone crab claws are a delicacy known for their sweet, tender meat. The tradition of enjoying stone crab claws is deeply ingrained in Florida's culinary scene, with the claws often served chilled with a side of mustard sauce or melted butter. Today, we look into where to get the best stone crab claws in Northern Palm Beach County.

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Due to declining harvests, the season was shortened by two weeks in 2020, highlighting the delicacy's vulnerability and the importance of sustainable harvesting practices. Stone crabs are considered a renewable resource because fishermen typically…

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Jeff Bezos first announced he was moving from Washington to Florida in November. Since then, many people have put two and two together and realized that Bezos stopped selling Amazon stock in 2022 when Washington state's 7% capital gains tax went into effect. But, now that he's officially a Florida Man with zero state capital gains tax, he's started selling again. And he's not the only ultra-high-net-worth individual who's moved to Florida recently.

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Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals Moving to Florida in Waves

The area that Jeff Bezos has moved to in Miami is known as 'Billionaire Bunker'. Palm Beach has 'Billionaire's Row'. Then there's Jupiter Island, and some of the most exclusive communities in Jupiter like Admirals Cove and Bears Club. More…

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If you’re looking for an evening out on the island, then some of you may be surprised to learn that a few of the most well-known, popular establishments in Palm Beach have outstanding happy hour deals. And we’re not just talking about a slightly discounted cocktail. Some of the most talented chefs have created happy hour-specific menus that are most definitely worth trying. So, without further ado, here are a few places that serve up the best happy hour in Palm Beach.

Meat Market

Meat Market is a renowned steakhouse and lounge, offering a glamorous and upscale dining experience. Known for its top-quality cuts of meat and stylish ambiance, it's a popular choice for those seeking a sophisticated steakhouse experience in Palm Beach. Happy Hour is…

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Palm Beach, Florida, along with its neighbor, West Palm Beach, is often dubbed "Wall Street South," and has earned its reputation as a hub of affluence and financial power. Our tropical paradise on the southeastern coast of Florida has become synonymous with opulence, attracting the world's wealthiest individuals seeking a luxurious lifestyle. In this article, we delve into the other reasons behind Palm Beach's moniker, and explore its fascinating journey from a tranquil resort town to a financial powerhouse.

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Wall Street South: the Financial Hub

At first glance, Palm Beach might appear to be a mere vacation destination, known for its beautiful beaches and warm climate. In fact, the tourism board has branded it as "America's First Resort…

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The Flagler Museum, formally known as Whitehall, is a grand estate that features more than 100,000 square feet filled with some of the most important history of Palm Beach Island and the Gilded Age. The grand estate is one of the many famous landmarks and homes located on Palm Beach. 

The home was commissioned by Henry M Flagler, an American Industrialist and founder of Standard Oil, for his wife Mary as a wedding gift.

Flagler asked John Carrere and Thomas Hastings to design and build the grand estate. Carrere and Hastings were famous architects during the Gilded Age and were also the architects for other famous landmarks in New York City such as The New York Public Library and The Waldorf Astoria Hotel. 

The elegant estate features white…

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The iconic Royal Poinciana Plaza is located in the heart of Palm Beach Island and is a premier destination for shopping, entertainment, art, culture, and dining. The outdoor lifestyle and shopping center was renovated a few years ago to bring it back to its iconic Palm Beach style and charm. 

The Plaza was built in 1957 by builder and architect John Volk. Volk is known for designing elegant homes for the Dodge’s, DuPont’s, Ford’s, Pulitzer’s, and Vanderbilt’s. Volk brought the classic Palm Beach style of the black and white checkered floor and iron design. 

The newly renovated Plaza features 180,000 square feet of lush gardens and elegant courtyards located on the corner of Royal Poinciana Way and Cocoanut Road. 

Today, the Royal Poinciana…

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Palm Beach Island is home to many famous mansions and landmarks. One of the most famous homes, The Flagler Museum is open for public tours to learn about the history of the island of Palm Beach and the Gilded Age.  

The Flagler Museum was once home to American Industrialist and Founder of Standard Oil, Henry M Flagler and his wife Mary. The elegant estate was commissioned by John Carrere and Thomas Hastings to build and design the estate. Carrere and Hastings were the famous architects for other big US Landmarks such as the New York Public Library and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City during the Gilded Age. 

The elegant mansion features a large central courtyard, white marble columns, a red barrel roof, located directly on the Intracoastal,…

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Palm Beach Island is known for its multi-million-dollar mansions and its famous residents, but the town is also known for its rich history, high-end shopping, luxury dining experiences, and legendary resorts. 

Palm Beach Island earned a luxury reputation during the Gilded Age when Industrialists and Inventors travelled to Palm Beach to vacation. Henry M. Flagler was an American Industrialist and founder of Standard Oil. Flagler built a mansion on the Intracoastal, which is now The Flagler Museum, for his wife Mary as a wedding gift. The mansion is now open to the public for tours. Flagler is known to have made Palm Beach, “America’s First Resort Destination”.

Today, Worth Avenue is considered one of the most famous streets on the island. The…

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