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Staying inside for periods of time can be as hard on your dog’s mind as is on yours. Hopefully you are skilled in pet parenting, to safely take Fido on a lot of walks. If your dog is well-mannered, you can take your canine to the dog beach in Jupiter.  Dogs get restless, or maybe you are bored, so why not be productive by training your pup while also giving him or her a little mental stimulation?

The first step to training your dog to do tricks is that they respond much more effectively to positive reinforcement.  Do NOT punish your pet. This means that you reward behaviors you like and ignore behaviors you don’t like. Begin by rewarding your pup with small treats paired with a positive “good boy or good girl” tone. Then, you can reward a little

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Learn to save your pet's life with a pet cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid certification class in Southeast Florida.  Get pet CPR and first aid certified for your four-legged family member.  The program is a must for any animal lover or "pet parent".  Learn how to do proper CPR and prevent choking by using the Heimlich. Learn to save your pet's life!

Get dog and cat CPR first aid certified.  This program is a must for any animal lover or "pet parent". Dog groomers, walkers, veterinarians, companions, dog trainers, cat lovers, etc. should attain this certification. The program is accredited, licensed, and insured.  The certification class has been teaching American Heart Association (AHA), ASHI and Red Cross certifications for the

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Please join in on some summer fun at an ice cream social and an adorable pet’s adoption event on July 24, 2021, between 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.  Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming in Jupiter Farms is very involved with the community and hosting the ice cream social. Joining in on the social is Mutty Paws Rescue. Everybody, including four legged friends, wants to cool down from the summer heat with some ice cream!

Mutty Paws Rescue will be onsite with adorable adoptable puppies! Mutty Paws is dedicated to the love of animals. Make a change in pet rescue and be a voice for those voiceless animals. Everyday thousands of animals in shelters across the nation are euthanized unnecessarily. Help lower the euthanasia rate by adopting, being a volunteer or become a

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Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming in northern Palm Beach County is the pet boutique that understands that people who have pets hold them near and dear to their hearts.  They are family!  Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming is the top place to shop for pet food, pet supplies and professional pet grooming.

There are more than 150 Woof Gang locations open across the United States. Each locale is a neighborhood store committed to the well-being, health, and happiness of pets. Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming offers the finest in pet care by offering superior products and specialty grooming. 

Treat your fur baby to a little extra loving care this month!  There is a location near you and as always, your pet is always welcomed.


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The Town of Jupiter is proud to be one of the very few remaining Dog Friendly Beaches in the state of Florida. The town adopted the idea to allow the public to bring their dogs to the beach in 1989. Since then, the dog beach has been expanded and now dogs have access to over 2.5 miles of the sandy shoreline.

The Dog Beach in Jupiter stretched from Carlin Park Beach Marker #57 to Marcinski Road Beach Marker #25. In the designated dog friendly area, dogs can roam freely while being supervised.

The Town of Jupiter would like everyone who brings their pet to the beach to follow the area rules.

Dog-Friendly Beach Area Rules

  • Only behaved, obedient, well-socialized dogs should be brought to the beach – since dogs are not required to be leased.
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Apologies to all the beautiful varieties of Bulldogs in South Florida for this regal holiday was overlooked.  Yesterday, April 21 was “National Bulldog Day”.  Bulldogs, beautiful? Well, yes! French, American, or English — bulldogs portray glamour in their own special way.

They started popping up as furry companions in historical literature about five centuries ago. Today this sweet sidekick continually ranks as one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. French bulldogs currently sit fourth on the American Kennel Club’s list. Bulldogs, technically a separate breed, are fifth.

Bulldogs were bred originally to help butchers in controlling livestock. The history of bulldog’s traces back to 5th century England, to a breed called the

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The Town of Jupiter is one of the very few dog friendly beaches remaining in the state. Jupiter adopted the policy and idea to allow dogs on the beach in 1989. Today, the dog friendly beach area has been expanded and reaches over 2.5 miles of access along the sandy shoreline.

The Jupiter Dog Beach stretches from Carlin Park Beach Marker #57 south to Marcinski Road Beach Marker #25. In the designated area, dogs are permitted to roam freely, but must be supervised at all times.

Parking is free along A1A or public parking lots at Carlin Park or Marcinski Road. The Jupiter Dog Beach is open from sunrise to sunset. The Towns asks that dogs should remain on a leash from the car to the beach and owners should be conscientious of their pets and others while

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Its that time again for the 28th annual Pet Parade and Contest happening along Worth Avenue. The annual event is a local Palm Beach favorite.

This Saturday bring your beloved dog, cat, bunny, or whatever cuddly pet you have and cruise down the runway dressed in costume. All pets and all sizes are welcomed to join in on the day of fun. The event takes place in Via Amore, right off Worth Avenue. The popular event draws hundreds of spectators every year.

Registration for the Pet Parade and Costume Contest begins at 9 am and the contest will begin at 10 am. Costumes and embellishments are required for stage competition. Owners of pets will be competing for great prizes and the honor of being one of Palm Beach’s doggy divas.

Palm Beach Pet Contest

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Houseplants add a lushness and splash of organic color to any room. However, many species can be toxic to cats and dogs who may decide to munch on a leaf or two. Luckily, there are a few plants that can add beauty to your home without posing a threat to man’s best friend. These houseplants are safe for cats and dogs according to the ASPCA, but since the consumption of any plant material may cause vomiting and gastrointestinal upset, it's still best to keep all houseplants out of reach.  

Spider Plant


Calathea or Prayer Plant


Polka Dot Plant


Moth Orchid


Parlor Palm


Lipstick Plant


Friendship Plant


Christmas Cactus


Air Plant


African Violet

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While the Summer heat is a welcome guest for many South Florida residents, our pets may not feel the same way. If you have a fury dog breed or one that is not naturally used to living and playing in hotter, more humid weather, you have to monitor him or her to ensure they do not get overheated. In addition to paying attention to your dogs’ behavior, here are some other tips on how to help your dog stay cool this Summer.

Leave the A/C On

It's tempting to turn off your air conditioning when you leave the house to save money, but your pets will need it while you're out. Ideally, you should keep shades drawn to keep the house from heating up too much, particularly windows that get full sun, so your pets will be safe and cool indoors. If you don't

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