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The first line of defense against the Palm Beach County summer sun should be sunscreen. However, consuming tomatoes may provide further protection. From late June to September, tomatoes are at their peak. Pick up some ripe vine tomatoes from any of the local farmer's markets. Did you know that tomatoes contain lycopene? 

Lycopene is abundant in very red tomatoes and offers a long list of health benefits, including sun protection, reduced vascular aging, and helping prevent heart disease, stroke, and memory loss. Lycopene in tomatoes becomes more available when cooked, allowing you to absorb more of this super-nutrient. Tomatoes also contain potassium, an electrolyte that can help muscle contraction, heart function, and water balance regulation.

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If you live in Broward County and are a gardener, here is your chance to have green thumb fun! Broward residents are invited to participate in a science project from the University of Florida/IFAS program for a chance to receive free tomato plants!

Participants need a small sunny place outside for their plants. They will describe their experiences with the tomato plants via email or on Zoom.

The project runs from March through June 2022. The program is designed to assist organizers in determining ways to enhance yield from food production at home. 

If interested, you need to fill out a questionnaire online by clicking here. Those selected receive further instructions on how to proceed. 



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