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3 Reasons Jupiter Is the Ideal Post-Corona Destination

Posted by Gerald Lombardo on Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 at 10:45am.

Whether you are looking for a safe place to vacation this Summer or considering a major move, Jupiter, and the Palm Beaches in general, is the perfect post-Corona destination.

Great Outdoor Spaces

Jupiter is known not only for its beautiful beaches but also as the home of many great parks and outdoor spaces. If you live in Jupiter, you’ll have convenient access to:

  • DuBois Park

  • Jonathan Dickinson State Park

  • John D. MacArthur Beach State Park

  • Riverbend Park

  • Jupiter Beach Park

  • Carlin Park

  • And Many Others

Health and Fitness

The importance of health and fitness has taken on even greater weight as the coronavirus seems to have a greater impact on the less-healthy. Now more than ever people are interested in visiting or moving to areas of the country where health and fitness take center stage. The Palm Beaches are just such a place.

With year-round beach weather, plenty of healthy restaurants, and grocery stores like Whole Foods, and Fresh Market, Jupiter and the Palm Beaches make staying healthy and in-shape easy.

Family-Friendly Activities

If you have kids or grandkids, availability to family-friendly places and activities is always a central consideration. Jupiter is famous for the variety of activities offered to its youngest residents. From year-round youth sports to A-rated schools, and outdoor Summer camps, your kids are sure to love visiting or living in Jupiter as much as you.

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