Loxahatchee River Home Waterfront
A Boater's Dream

Living on the Loxahatchee

The Loxahatchee River is really what makes Jupiter such a unique place. Lots of places in Florida have opportunities to live on the water, but very few in the entire state offer what the homes along the banks of the Loxahatchee have. For boaters and anglers, it is the ultimate location. Being just minutes from the Jupiter Inlet, sandbars, tiki bars, waterfront restaurants, dive spots, you name it. There is simply nothing like living where the river meets the sea.

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Loxahatchee Riverfront home
The Splendor of Riverside Living

Loxahatchee River Highlights

  • 01
    Homes with private docks
  • 02
    A variety of awe-inspiring views. Choose from sunrises, sunsets, or both
  • 03
    Close proximity to exceptional golfing, shopping, and dining
  • 04
    Gateway to a ton of recreational activities and popular boating destinations
Take It All In

Simply one of the best waterfront locations in all of Florida, probably the whole country...maybe the world.

Loxahatchee River Jupiter Overview
Embracing Nature's Elegance

Loxahatchee River Overview

The best way to understand the Loxahatchee River is by looking at a satellite map because there are just so many unique options when it comes to these waterfront homes. There are three main branches, or "forks" of the river, and they all come together at the Jupiter Inlet: water flowing in at high tide, and out at low tide. Having a dock along almost any part of the river is a unique luxury, but be sure to check which docks can accommodate what size boats, and which bridges your boats will have to travel under. Of course, some locations are the best of the best, but it's hard to go wrong living anywhere on the Loxahatchee.

Loxahatchee River Waterfront Home Sunset
Loxahatchee River Houses with Docks
Elegance Along the River

The Luxury of Loxahatchee River

Rarity and scarcity are valuable and considered luxuries for a reason. When you own a home on the Loxahatchee River, you're one of a small number of people who have access to all of its advantages. Spots with this kind of ease of access to the Jupiter Inlet are finite, but the properties are gorgeous, the views are all they're cracked up to be, and the lifestyle is unparalleled. For those who truly appreciate it, living on the River is worth every penny.

Top View Loxahatchee River Homes
The Riverside Resort Lifestyle

Loxahatchee River Features

  • Direct Waterfront Access
  • Private Docks and Lifts
  • Panoramic Water Views
  • Resort-Style Pools
  • Estate-Style Living
  • A Vibrant Riverfront Lifestyle
  • Incredible dining options
  • Close proximity to the Bahamas
Jupiter Inlet - Florida

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