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2 Florida Golf Clubs On Business Insider’s “Top 18 Most Exclusive Golf Clubs In The Country”

Posted by Brittany Bosher on Thursday, September 14th, 2017 at 1:46pm.

Loblolly Pines Golf Club                                                                     Image Courtesy: Loblolly Pines Golf Club Social Media

The prestigious digest for those who want all things elite, business and travel related,
Business Insider, has composed a list of the “18 Most Exclusive Golf Clubs” in the United States. The list is nothing short of mind blowing as you scroll through the images of the these elite country clubs that are so private, so luxurious and so desirable, the biggest celebs and world’s wealthiest may not even get in. 

On this list by Business Insider, you will see courses you predicted were on there like Pebble Beach and Augusta, but also on this list are 2 Florida clubs that may just shock your system. 

Ranked 3rd on the list of “18 Most Exclusive Golf Clubs in the Country” is the golf course and club at the uber elite Seminole Golf Club in Juno Beach, Florida.  A club, “so exclusive it turned down golf legend Jack Nicklaus for membership” according to Business Insider. This Floridian club is golf legend, Ben Hogan's favorite course to play to prepare for the Masters tournament. Impeccably manicured and oceanfront, Seminole’s holes abut directly against the super restricted private beaches and Atlantic Ocean, granting its players some of the most breathtaking views in the country. Not only is the golf club the cream of the crop but so is Seminole’s real estate. The mansions found in this intimate community more closely resemble palaces than homes. Palatial estates boarder the golf course and the ocean making the neighborhood not only one of the best golfing destinations in the world but also the most desirable to live. 

Coming in at the 12th spot on the list of “18 Most Exclusive Golf Clubs in the Country” is Loblolly Pines Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida. Private and elite, this beautiful club is only home to 275 members. To become a member you must know several of the existing members and have several other qualifications to join (*IF the club so chooses to consider your application, which they often don’t). To even be considered for membership a current member must first sponsor you and have at least four other members support your sponsorship. This is to say if you have the cash to pay the annual dues. The course is manicured to perfection and home to some of the other beautiful vistas native to Florida besides its beaches and ocean. Gorgeous natural landscape brimming with wildlife is what surrounds you as you tee off, giving you the feeling of old Florida. Not only a golf club, Loblolly Pines has a yacht club and sporting and social club as well. Impeccable service, the ultimate in relaxation and luxury are just a few of the things that have given Loblolly its right to such exclusivity. Their slogan is “All you have to do is spend a weekend here and Loblolly speaks for itself..."

To see the full list of Business Insider’s “18 Most Exclusive Golf Clubs in the Country” please click on the link.

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