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2 Iconic Florida Destinations You Can Drive To For A Weekend Get Away!

Posted by Brittany Bosher on Sunday, July 30th, 2017 at 11:55am.

One of the benefits of living in Palm Beach County is its location. Not only are you surrounded by beaches, ocean, shopping, dining and entertainment, if you want a weekend get away that will transport you immediately into vacation mode, you’re in the perfect spot! Pack up your kids, friends and family in the car to get away from the bustle of everyday life for a perfect weekend trip just hours away. 

Disney World

Less than 150 miles from Jupiter, Florida is the ultimate vacation destination for families. Whether you have kids or grandkids, and whether they are 2 years old or 20 years old Disney World is a guaranteed win and fun for everyone. By car, you can leave your driveway and be to Disney World in less than 3 hours. Florida residents even get a special price to enter the parks. Explore 4 different theme parks and 2 water parks and hundreds of restaurants, bars and shops on the Disney World Campus. 

The 4 theme parks Disney has to offer include: Magic Kingdom with its iconic Cinderella’s castle, space mountain, tomorrow land, log flumes, ferry rides and so much more. Animal Kingdom is home to animals from all over the world where you can take a safari ride, jungle cruise and now explore the magical floating islands in the newest addition to the park, Avatar themed, Pandora. Hollywood Studios is great for the older kids with Aerosmith’s Rockin’ Roller coaster, the famous tower of terror and all new Starwar’s rides. At Epcot, kids and adults can explore and enjoy with a tour of the world. you can explore what different countries have to offer in terms of food, drink, architecture and culture. 

The 2 water parks you can visit are Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Typhoon Lagoon is a tropical water park complete with a lazy river, pirate ship, water slides, obstacle courses and more. Blizzard Beach is a water park covered in snow. Everything from the terrifying, almost vertical plunge slide to the wave pools are made to look like they are covered in ice and snow! 

The Florida Keys 

Arguably one of the most iconic destinations you think of when you think of Florida are the Florida Keys. A string of tropical islands winding over 120 miles in length down into the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Keys are some of the most beautiful islands on the planet. Abundant with pristine beaches, reefs and estuaries, the variety of wildlife you can see on the Florida Keys is amazing. With thousands of beautiful snorkeling spots, five star hotels over looking the ocean and endless shops, restaurants and boutiques to shop, the Florida Keys have something for everyone. Some of the more famous islands travelers visit include the notoriously fun Key West, mile 0 and the southernmost point of the United States. Key West is perfect for adults looking for a wild weekend with island vibes. Key Largo, the first major key and northernmost island of the Keys, is only an hour drive from Miami about 2 hours from Jupiter. Islamorada, which is home to the largest density of professional fishing charters in the world. Marathon prides itself on being home to locals and snowbirds alike with a humble, old-Florida feel, beautiful real estate and incredible wildlife. Then you have the Lower Keys, which are connected to Key West by the famous 7-Mile Bridge. Filled with campsites, boutiques, family owned hotels and vacation homes; The Lower Keys offer a variety of different islands all with a unique flare. 

Plan your weekend get away from Jupiter, Palm Beach or anywhere in Palm Beach County and be there in just a couple of hours in your car! For more information please visit the links above.

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